Can a dragon love a fox
104 Chapter 103
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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104 Chapter 103

Rei looked at him and squeezed her eyes together, he is up to something! Suddenly she felt the air getting heavier and it was hard to breathe. She looked up at Salmus and laughed, so this was what he intended. She changed her combat attitude and started to release an incredible heat from her body. If I am on time I can still burn the poison else i will be at a disadvantage.

The audience watched the two people who were each on one side of the tournament field but didn't move. Suddenly someone cough in the audience, then more and more followed on the side where salmus stood. When Salmus's wife saw that, she got up and stood in front of the stands behind salmus.

She looked at the tournament field and was glaring at Salmus. How can he release such a large amount of poison? The spectators are affected, but that means that he is up against a worthy opponent.

She folded her hands together and also began to release a poison from her body. The spectators in the stands slowly stopped coughing and were able to breathe better.

On Rei side, the audience tried to cool off with all the liquid they could find. They were so hot that they tried everything to get rid of the heat. Kyro walked into the stands and absorbed the heat that came at the audience. He looked at the tournament field and laughed. So this is going to be a good fight.

Both Rei and Salmus were affected by the specialties of each other's tribe, but it was not visible for the public. They ran towards each other and got into a fight, because of the heat that Rei gave off, it was difficult for Salmus to get closer.

Rei, on the other hand, had trouble breathing just because of the poison in the air around Salmus. This time Rei was on the defensive and Salmus was on the attack. Due to the speed of Salmus blowes, Rei could only block with her spear and wait for an opening.

Salmus looked at Rei and felt that something was wrong. For someone in the defense, she was extremely calm and had enough openings to attack him. It was clear that his movements had slowed down and he was no longer in favor as before, but why is she still in defense? He looked at Rei and saw that she laughed just how he realized she was planning something he could not respond in time anymore.

Rei sank through her knees and slid through the floor and moved behind Salmus. He stood at the edge of the tournament field and was struggling to keep his balance. Rei gave him a flying kick in his back, making him fall flat on his face outside the lines of the tournament field. Just at that moment the bell rang and the 15 minutes were over.

The audience jumped from their seats and started to cheer. They had seen a beautiful match. The skills that Salmus and Rei had shown were magnificent and it had been an exciting competition. Everyone had sat on the edge of their seats because the outcome of the competition had been totally unpredictable.

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The last three match combined lasted even shorter than the match of Salmus and Rei. Kyro won against his opponent in three moves. Cuan's fear that he radiated was so ruthless that his opponent gave up even before Taka finished talking.

How Huli had won was still a mystery to most spectators. After Taka had given the go-ahead, his opponent flew out of the tournament field at high speed and hit a wall hard. Because of the bang, the candidate lost consciousness.


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