Can a dragon love a fox
105 Chapter 104
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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105 Chapter 104

Kaida sat next to Huli on her knees at a table at the beginning of the square. On her right was her father, followed by her five brothers and sisters. Next to them were Rei and Kyro with more important officials from the dragon tribe.

Next to Huli sat His father, mother, brothers and sisters Followed by Okata, Yumi, Nana and her father and important officials of the fox tribe. At the table in front of them were the snakes and wolves tribe. Followed by tables full of people from different tribes. All tables were richly filled with a variety of delicious dishes.

Everyone on the square was eating and drinking greedily, people chatted and laughed cheerfully. Kaida looked over the square with a warm look. She loved to see the tribes in harmony. She was just about to take a sip of her drink when Nana's father got up and raised his glass.

"A toast on the first day of the annual fox festival. It has been a succesful day. I can't wait to see the following matches. "
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He turned to Kaida and looked at her "it is an honor that my daughter may fight the queen. Don't worry, I'm sure Nana will take you into account. "

Before Nana's father finished talking, Kaida had already taken a sip of her drink. She put her elbow on the table and leaned with her face in her hand. She looked at the man who pretended not to mock her.

Nana's father was a broad man of at least 1.80 cm. He had brown hair with gray strands. His eyes were light brown and it clearly showed his contempt. She smiled sarcastically and asked

"what was your name?" Sorry I just didn't hear that. And why would your daughter take me into account? "

Nana's father turned red with shame. How dare she embarass me in such a way? Although she had not spoken so loudly that the entire square had heard it, the table at which they were sitting had clearly heard Kaida's sarcastic remark. He shrugged and made a small bow

"My name is Nari, I am the ruler of the northeast foxes tribe. And what I mean by taking into account is that contrary to your highness, my daughter fought along in the war. The courage and experience that she possesses cannot be compared "

Huli sat next to Kaida but did not appear to have any intention to stand up for his queen. He leaned back a bit and looked ahead with a casual look. Kaida calmly took another sip and looked up. Before she could open her mouth, she heard salmus talk with anger in his voice.

"My lord Nari not because your daughter has the title princess, you must think that you can behave like a king. We here all know how she got the title, one she earned without your help. Your arrogance amazes me that you dare to strike such a tone against the queen. It would be wise if you advise your daughter not to underestimate her opponent and to be ready from the start. I assure you if I could not beat Rei, then ..... "

Before Salmus could finish his sentence, Kaida raised her arm and waved with her hand "let it go Salmus, the night is still young let's enjoy. We will see the result of the match tomorrow.

She raised her glass to Nari "Thank you for toast, tomorrow during the match we will see if our courage and experience can or can not be compared"


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