Can a dragon love a fox
106 Chapter 105
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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106 Chapter 105

Unwilling Nari nodded at her and sat down. He angrily turned to Nana "make sure that you knock her out . Get rid of that sarcastic smile of her! I have never been so humiliated in my entire life. Even Salmus himself got involved! I bet she interrupted him because she knew what he was going to say "

Throughout the toast, Nana had looked at Huli, and it was clear from him that he also thought that Kaida was unable to win from her. That alone maked her happy. She looked at her father and sighed

"yes father"

Although the atmosphere was somewhat uncomfortable, it gradually became more cheerful again. Kaida again filled her glass and wanted to take a sip, but she saw a hand on her glass.

She looked at the hand and then at the owner's hand. The moment she looked into Huli's eyes, she felt extremely irritated. She had also noticed that he too thought that Nana could beat her. She irritated shook his hand away, and tried to take another sip

"My Queen, I think you've had enough to drink. Tomorrow you have a match and your opponent is not just a warrior. You should be in good condition to take on Nana. She is my second general for a reason "

When Kaida heard his words, she became even more irritated. Because Huli still had his hand on her cup, she took the jug from the table with her other hand and began to drink from it.

"Well, my king, I think I told you before that I know my limit. Just as Nana is not just your second general without a reason, I am not just the main general of my army without a reason"

Huli looked annoyed at Kaida, who looked anything but a queen as she drank from the jug.

"My queen, I am sure you have some skills, but I'm just going to be honest! You are not at the same level as Nana, don't underestimate her! It is an privilege if Nana is willing to take you into account. I know how stubborn you are, if tomorrow Nana is too strong for you then it is no shame to give up. Nana can make it look like you gave a good fight to give you face "
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Kaida did not know why, but the words Huli said to her gave her a stab in her heart and they gave her a feeling she could not place. The irritation she felt was now replaced by anger and she looked at Huli angrily. She stood up and leaned her face towards his ear and whispered

"My King, it would be wise if you didn't underestimate anyone. Remember your words and know that you are to blame for me not taking someone into account tomorrow. you will know what skills I do or do not possess . "

Kaida didn't know why she was so angry, but she knew she didn't like how Huli looked down on her skills. Just as she wanted to walk away, she leaned back to his ear and whispered

"Tonight I don't feel the need for your company and I wish to sleep early. Since you have not slept next to me for a single night since our marraige, and go back to your office a few hours after you have had your pleasure, I suggest you go straight to your office today. Have a nice evening "

Before Huli could say anything, Kaida had already gone to the table where Cuan and Salmus were sitting. He saw that she sat down next to Mamushi the wife of Salmus and started drinking again.

How did she know he was going back to his office, he always waited for her to fall asleep to leave the room. The rest of the evening Huli's eyes continued to follow her and he kept wondering what he had said so wrong that she would not talk to him all night.


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