Can a dragon love a fox
107 Chapter 106
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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107 Chapter 106

The second day of the annual fox festival was very crowded, and everyone could not wait until the matched would start. Everyone was looking forward to the match of Nana and Kaida, and the match of Cuan and Huli. When the drums sounded the audience hurried to the stands.

Taka stood already in the middle of the tournament field and waited until all spectators had taken place. When everyone was sitting he spoke with a loud voice

"good afternoon dear ladies and gentlemen. On the second day the matches of the quarterfinals are held in the morning. Four beautiful matches are held today with the match of the queen and the second general of the foxes tribe as the first. The final match is between the king and the crown prince of the wolves tribe. In the evening the two matches of the semi-final are held.

When Taka had finished talking, Kaida entered the tournament field from the right. She had her hair in a bun and had a cotton capri pants and top on. Also For this match she had chosen not to use weapons. She wanted to use weapons as late as possible so that she could keep as much of her skills a secret.

Nana entered the tournament field from the left at the same time. She had her hair in a ponytail and wore a light blue combat uniform without armor. She held a thin long sword in her hand. She looked towards Kaida and grinned she was sure she would win the match. Today was the day that she would show everyone that she was much better off with Huli than Kaida.

Kaida looked at Nana who was grinning like an idiot and felt the emotions of the night before. Huli's words kept haunting her thoughts all night, until she fell asleep. She continued to follow Nana with her eyes until she stopped walking. She looked at Nana from head to toe and shrugged. Mmm nothing special she thought.

Nana mockingly said "Your highness doesn't need a weapon? I know you don't have any experience with a real fight, but now it looks like I'm bullying you "

Kaida looked up and held her head a bit to the side "you talk too much, we'll see who is bullying who"
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While Taka was counting down to give the go-ahead, Nana said arrogantly to Kaida "the game is over in a minute"

Nana was just done with talking when Taka had given the go-ahead, and Kaida ran towards Nana at a great speed. In contrast to her first match, she had now chosen to start the attack first. Just when she was a few centimeters away from Nana, she saw that she drew her sword.

Kaida quickly turned a step to the right, putting her body just a few inches beside Nana. With a strong force she hit her palm against the hands of Nana that was holding the handle of the sword.

She looked at Nana with a relentless look and said

"it's a minute then"

Nana looked startled at Kaida who had launched the attack within a few seconds. She was so surprised that she didn't have enough time to respond. The moment the palm of Kaida touched her hands, she heard her bones crack and it felt like her hands were on fire.

Her sword was knocked out of her hands by the force of the blow. Before she realized what had happened with her hands, she gasped for air beacuse the fist of kaida hit her with full force in her belly.

Kaida saw that Nana cringe and gave her a flying kick before she hit the floor. She knew it was so easy because Nana had clearly underestimated her and was not on her guard.


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