Can a dragon love a fox
108 Chapter 107
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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108 Chapter 107

That didn't stop Kaida from going full out and seizing her chance. Because of the power of the flying kick, Nana flew toward the lines of the tournament field.

The whole audience was in turmoil and could not believe what they were seeing. They were especially surprised to see that Kaida showed Nana all corners of the tournament field. Now that Nana threatened to fly outside the lines, everyone was on edge.

But just before Nana fell out of line, Kaida appeared behind her with a frightening grin on her face. Nana still had not recovered and could not recover herself. This was because Kaida hit a vital point when she gave Nana a fist in her belly, This prevented Nana from moving.

Due to the heat that Kaida gave off, the tiles of the tournament field were glowing.

"I am not satisfied with a dropout or a surrender"

Nana flew with her back towards Kaida. Kaida raised her leg straight and let it down with full force at the right moment.

With full force, Kaida's leg landed on Nana's side. She felt her ribs break when she got hit bij Kaida. Nana slammed her head against the tiles of the tournament field. And lost her consciousness.

The whole audience was silent and nobody said anything. Taka stood next to the tournament field in astonishment and did not know what he had just seen. It was clear that Nana would have flown out of the lines because she could not move. The kick after had not been necessary and looked pretty cruel. He was taken out of his mind by the cold voice of Kaida.

"Are you not going to announce the winner? It is clear to see who won "

she turned and walked to the dressing chamber without seeing how Nana was doing. She didn't feel sorry for her at all, because she knew that Nana also wanted to hit her unconscious.

As Kaida went to the dressing chamber , she saw a few servants running towards the tournament field with a stretcher. Taka examined the unconscious Nana and shook his head. He gestured to the servants that they could put her onto the stretcher. He turned to the rear servant

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"she has certainly broken two of her ribs and a few bones in her hands, in addition, her hands seem a bit burnt by the heat"

When Nana was carried away, it really go to the audience what had happened and it became noisy. There was intense discussion among the public.

"For the people of the dragon tribe this victory does not come as a surprise, we know our crown princess"

"I never knew the queen was cruel like that, it had certainly not been necessary to kick her unconscious "

"I don't know if I should believe this victory. She won within a minute, I think Nana let the queen win "

"Mmm if she really let her win, she plays it very credibly. Lady Nana is still unconscious "

The audience went wild. Many thought the act of Kaida was cruel because it was clear that Nana would end up outside the lines.

Ronin and Hu were already ready for a few minutes on the tournament field to start their match, but Taka had difficulty controling the audience. When the audience was finally quiet he could give the go-ahead and they started their match


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