Can a dragon love a fox
109 Chapter 108
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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109 Chapter 108

Kaida was only in the dressing chamber for a few minutes when the door was pulled open roughly. When the door flew open, a strong cold wind approached her. The cold was intense and the strength of the wind could tear trees down. However, Kaida did not move a muscle and looked into Nari's angry eyes.

"How could you! Look what you did with my daughter, queen or not you would pay the price! "

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He approached Kaida angrily and just when he wanted to attack her, she looked him in the eyes and smiled. He suddenly felt such a Heat that overwhelmed the cold wind in the dressing chamber and forced him to his knees.

He looked around and saw everything glowing in the dressing chamber as if it could caught fire every moment. He saw that Kaida walked forward without difficulty and approached him.

She raised her hand and wanted to slap Nari, when a strong cold wind met her. The cold of the wind was so cold that Kaida herself felt it through the heat of her body.

The strength of the wind made her a bit unbalanced and she took a step back to stand firm. She looked in the direction from which the wind came and looked straight into the bright blue eyes of Huli.

"My queen, I think that you have had enough fun for today, I will make sure that he receives an appropriate punishment"

Huli gestured to guards to take Nari away. Nari was so upset that he needed help getting up. As he was taken away, he looked anxiously at Kaida and found her a monster. He could never forget the look that she had in her eyes. The rumors circulating in the north are big nonsense.

Kaida looked at Huli with annoyance, she stood in the middle of the dressing chamber with her hands crossed and clicked her tongue. What is he doing here, she thought.

The words he had spoken the night before were haunting her thoughts. She was so angry that she kept giving off heat.

Huli walked towards her with an amused glance. When he was standing right in front of her, he put his on her cheek. The moment he put her hand on her warm cheek, he felt his cold hand hiss. It was as if his hand was melting like ice in the sun.

He had seen the match and was certain that Nana had lost because she had underestimated her opponent. In addition, Kaida clearly knew the technique of the vital points and had used it at the right time.

"What made my queen so angry"

He stood behind her and put his arms around her waist and gently kissed her neck. He ran his hands over her bare belly. He noticed that she became less angry because the temperature in the dressing chamber slowly dropped.

"Mmm what are you doing here my king. And dont touch met I am still angry because you think so little of me "

Huli turned her around and looked straight into her eyes. "In my defense I have never seen you fight while I have seen Nana fight. My first impression of you was that you were soft and had not experienced any setbacks. I now see that that impression is not correct "


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