Can a dragon love a fox
110 Chapter 109
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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110 Chapter 109

Kaida clicked her tongue and looked sideways, but did not remove his hands. "Just as you said to me not to underestimate Nana, you shouldn't have underestimate me"

Huli nodded and slided down her back with his left arm and slided his hand into her pants and massaged her buttock. He slided the strap from her top over her shoulder with his right arm. He looked at her and saw her match in his head. She had looked so fierce that he found her even more attractive.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "I wonder how you slept, because I was not comfortable in my office. If you like me to stay until the morning, I am willing "

Kaida looked sideways and saw Huli's profile, although he still had a tight and cold expression, the tone in his voice was warm. When Huli looked up and looked straight into her eyes, she felt that her heart skipped a beat and felt a slightly warm feeling in her belly.

Huli slowly came closer with his face and pressed his lips on to hers. His kiss was soft and tender. He kissed her lovingly on her soft lips. When He ran his tongue over her lips, he heard a moan leaving her mouths, causing his lower body to respond. He stopped kissing and looked at her with lust in his eyes.

Kaida's cheeks were red and she gasped. This was the first time Huli had kissed her in such a way. Before she could recover, she felt his lips on hers again. This time the kiss was a bit rougher and more intense and it caused her whole body to get hot.

She felt his tongue slide over her lips. She opened her mouth to receive his tongue with hers. She felt his right hand going through her hair. His kiss became more intense with the seconds.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door. She heard a voice from behind the door

"Your highness it is time for your match"

Unwilling Huli pulled away from Kaida and looked annoyed toward the door off the dressing chamber. He then looked towards a wild Kaida in his arms, she had a red glow on her cheeks and locks of hair hung down her face. He put a lock of hair behind her ear with his hand.

"We will continue tonight"

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Cuan and Huli stood opposite each other on the tournament field, while the crowd went wild. Because of the previous two games, they were enthusiastic and couldn't wait to see another good fight.

Although Hu had given a good fight, it was Ronin who had won. Rei had become one of the favorites through her competition. She had shown Kyro all corners of the tournament field and had no mercy.

Now it was time for the final match of the quarterfinals. Everyone knew that Cuan and Huli did not like each other and they knew they would go all out in their match.

When Taka had given the go-ahead, Cuan immediately launched the attack by relinquishing his fear. His fear was so frightening that it seemed like the sky was black. The entire village was dark and almost everyone was paralysed with fear.

The moment Kyona saw that, she jumped out of her chair and jumped enthusiastically in the grandstand where she sat. So he is not that weak , at this moment I don't find marriage so bad. She watched the game attentively.

Huli stood with his arms around each other and had a smile on his face that was almost invisible. He looked at the sky and was pleasantly surprised by the strength of his fear. When he felt a threat, he looked ahead again and saw that Cuan came running at him with great speed.


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