Can a dragon love a fox
111 Chapter 110
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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111 Chapter 110

Cuan lashed out with his fist, which was blocked by Huli. Cuan lashed out a few more times with his fists that were all blocked by Huli.

He jumped back to create distance between them. When he was at a safe distance, he looked at his fists, which were blue from the cold. His fists felt like they were frozen. He looked at Huli who was standing on the tournament field with a smirk on his face.

Huli started to irritate Him, and he could visibly resist the fear of Cuan. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He had to keep his head cool if he wanted a chance against Huli.

Huli saw that Cuan started to attack again. This time he did not block and started fighting him. They crossed hands until he gave Cuan a fist on his jaw line.

Cuan lost his balance but recovered quickly and gave Huli a low kick against his shin, pressing Huli to step back. They both jumped backwards and then stood apart.

Within a few seconds they ran towards each other again and crossed hands again. Every now and then they landed hits. Cuan gave Huli a fist against his chin, that made a little bit of blood ran down the corner of Huli's mouth. In response, Huli gave him a low fist in his stomach, causing Cuan to spit blood and gasp for breath. They jumped back again to create distance.

Huli wiped the blood away from the corner of his mouth and looked at Cuan. He is not that weak if his fear can affect me and he did land a good hit.

"Not bad, it is clear that you are not only the crown prince in name"

Cuan finally caught his breath and stood straight. He looked at Huli and laughed. If this takes even longer I will freeze, I don't want to know what the temperature of his cold is. As he wiped the blood from his mouth, he said

"Thanks for your compliment. it is also clear why you are the king "

The two men ran towards each other again and fought again. The audience was on the edge of their seats. They could not predict who would win the match. If the public had been able to, they would certainly have jumped. But one half of the audience was paralysed with fear and the other half were so cold that it looked like they were frozen.

Cuan and Huli went head to toe, until A grimaceous grin appeared on Huli's face. Huli unexpectedly took a small step to the side when Cuan lashed out his fist, causing Cuan to become unbalanced.

Suddenly Huli gave off a stronger Cold, causing a cold strong wind to meet Cuan. The wind was so strong and cold that it seemed as if millions of needles penetrated Cuan's skin. Huli lashed out with his palm, that landed on the chest of Cuan with great force.

With a big bang Cuan ended up outside the lines of the tournament field. The moment Cuan landed, the sky cleared again and the village was illuminated again by the sun.

Cuan sat down irritably and wanted to get up till he saw that he was being handed a hand. He looked at the hand and saw that it was Huli's hand. Huli had a grin on his face that made Cuan reluctantly to accept his hand.

"You did well, but you are still the same. You go all out immediately. A consolation for you is that your future wife was impressed "
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Cuan raised his nose and looked toward the grandstand where Kyona was sitting. He had long since noticed that she was one of the few who could move freely and was jumping and cheering without difficulty. But whether she was impressed or not could be disputed.

"I still can't beat you till this day. I should have known that you didn't go all out. And the fact that I lost is sure to make her not to be impressed "


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