Can a dragon love a fox
112 Chapter 111
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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112 Chapter 111

Huli and Kaida walked the streets of the tribe together. Everywhere they walked there was joy and stalls with various things that were sold. Occasionally they were greeted by the villagers, or given something to taste or to see.

Kaida radiated warmth and made a friendly chat with everyone who approach them. While Huli stood next to her with a straight face. He had a cold air around him, making it difficult to get close to him.

Occasionally he gave a small nod to the villagers. His cold appearance did not stop the villagers from approaching him or give him something to taste or see. After all, they were already used to the attitude of their king.

Kyona sat on the porch of a inn and looked at the two. Although they were married, they did not look like a married couple. Huli stood beside her big sister with a cold look as she received a floral wreath with a smile.
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If she didn't know they were married, she would think that two strangers were standing next to each other. During the time she was in Huli's tribe, she had never seen him laugh once.

He always had a cold look on his face and when he talked it was without emotions. Even when he was with Kaida he did not show much emotions, only the tone of his voice was a bit different. But to Kyona it was still so cold and distant.

When she wanted to take a sip of her drink, she noticed that her glass was empty. She looked up at Cuan and raised her eyebrow, he sat with a gloomy look across the table from her. She looked at his plate and glass and saw that he had drunk and eaten very little. She kicked his leg under the table

"get yourself together are you going to continue to lick your wounds? You didn't win let it go "

Cuan looked irritated at Kyona "you kick me just to throw more salt in my wounds? You know how much it meant to me to win "

Kyona rolled her eyes "no I kicked you because my glass is empty. And did you want to win so badly because you wanted to beat Huli or because you didn't want to lose our bet "

He grabbed the jug from the table with irritation and filled her glass. As he did, he saw that kyona was leaning forward with her face in her hands and grinning at him.

A few strings of her hair moved through the wind and when she blinked he noticed how long her eyelashes were. He put down the jug and started playing with a string of her hair

"My lady, I'd rather not have lost both, but I'm a man of my word. Until the end of the annual fox festival, every wish of yours is my command "

Kyona was overwhelmed by his gesture and immediately sat up. She put the string of hair he was playing with behind her ear and looked away blushing

"Mmm good that you are a man of your word, I would like you to help me during the dragon ceremony. where is my dessert? "

Cuan laughed when he saw how she behaved. So she still had a shy side. He gestured to a waitress and asked her to bring all the tastiest desserts they had. Then he turned back to Kyona and spoke in a more serious tone

"Will the dragons really awaken? When I was little, I once had the pleasure of seeing your mother and father's dragon. They were so powerful and I still remember how hot the fire was that they spewed out

Kyona looked at him and saw admiration in his eyes "Sure they will wake up more than half are already awake. I am only concerned about their arrival. When they are awake, every dragon would immediately go looking for their master. Through the connection that master and dragon have they are able to find each other even if their master is at the end of the world. "


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