Can a dragon love a fox
113 Chapter 112
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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113 Chapter 112

Cuan looked at her and saw that she was worried about something "what is it that worries you? It's good that they can find each other everywhere. My wolf also knows where I am and if I am in danger. "

She sighed "I am not saying it is not good, but there are many people in the tribe for the annual fox festival right now, the dragons have not been seen for more than five years. Most people have not seen more than five dragons in the same place. At this moment there are more than hundreds of people from the dragon tribe present so also more than hundreds of dragons will arrive later. Of which eight dragons of the royal family. It is customary for every master to be bathed in the fire of his dragon to show that they are still worthy of them. Don't you think it would cause a threat? "

Cuan thought for a moment and then shrugged "the king's mother should have taken that into account, she wanted to see the dragon dance. And since you have done the preparations, I assume that you have taken it into account. And you know very well that the king's mother only suggested it to embarrass the queen. "he stroked her head and gave her a reassuring smile

Kyona blushed and took his hand off her head "pff what do you have with my head and yes I have indeed taken that into account. And yes i also know the reason why she suggested it!"

He laughed and put one of the desserts that were on the table on her plate "your hair is soft, I like that. Our wedding is in about six months, as tradtion I will visit the Dragon Tribe in three months. I would present the dowry and ask your father for your hand "

She almost choked on the bite she had taken and looked annoyed at Cuan "why do you have to change the subject right now! "


In the evening the village was beautifully lit with lanterns. There were different color covers over the lanterns which made the village look colorful.

Just before dinner, there was a message that Nana had awakened. Since Taka was a healer, he personally went to her to treat her. She would not have any permanent injuries , but she had to rest well in the coming months. He suggested that after the annual fox festival she would return to heal in her own tribe.

An hour after everyone had dinner, it was time for the semi-finals. Some spectators had already gone to the stands to find a good spot to view the matches well.

The tournament field was richly illuminated with white lanterns and Taka already stood in the middle of the tournament field. He waited patiently until all the spectators were seated and then started talking

"Dear gentlemen and ladies, the time has come for the semi-finals. The first game is between the queen and the first general of the fox tribe. The second game is between the strategics of the dragon tribe and the king. I am curious who will reach the final "

Kaida and Ronin walked up to the tournament field from different sides and faced each other. Ronin was wearing a gray combat uniform and had a spear in his hand. Kaida wore a short red combat uniform and again had no weapons.

Ronin smiled and looked at her "your queen you may have cheated the rest but you won't do that to me. I am afraid that if I do not use a weapon, I am certainly at a disadvantage "

Kaida gave him a warm smile, but the warmth did not reach her eyes "it looks like I have to be on my guard from the start"
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Taka left the tournament field and stepped to the side.

"3… ..2… ..1…. Start"

Kaida decided to go on the defensive since she didn't know how skilled Ronin was and didn't want to make a hasty move. She soon regretted her decision as Ronin was super fast with his spear.


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