Can a dragon love a fox
114 Chapter 113
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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114 Chapter 113

All Kaida could do was avoid him and try to create distance. However, that was not so easy due to his speed. When she saw an opening, she quickly slid under him and then stood behind him at a distance.

Ronin turned quickly and laughed. She is quick on her feet. See if she can also avoid this. He ran his hand over his spear, and when he did, a layer of ice came over his spear.

The people of the fox tribe can radiate a cold from their bodies. Kaida had seen it herself how Okuri had frozen a whole village of rebels during the war.

When Ronin turned his spear in circles icicles flew towards Kaida. They approached her with such great speed that she was on the defence again. During the avoidance she regretted that she had not chosen a weapon. It would have been much easier to avoid them.

To the public, it looked like Kaida was a cat who had been cornered and was only running away from Ronin's attacks. Again the spectators started talking among themselves.

"I think her luck ran out "

"It is clear to see who is in favor"

"I would not cheer too early this is nothing for our crown princess"
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Kaida was tired of being on the defensive all the time and decided to take action. When the next round of icicles approached her, she stopped and raised her hand. When the icicles were about to hit her, it seemed as if she had a shield of fire and the icicles that had not melted fell right in front of her.

With great speed she pulled out her palms and at that moment large amounts of fire sparks flew towards Ronin.

Ronin was surprised by the amount of fire sparks coming at him and turned his spear to create a cold wind. However, it was not enough to extinguish all sparks and he could only dodge them.

He was so busy avoiding the sparks that he didn't realize that Kaida was running at great speed along the lines of the tournament field and the distance between them was getting shorter. Just as he realized, she disappeared from sight and he did not know where she was.

Although she had disappeared from his sight, the fire spars kept coming and he could do nothing but keep dodging them while he looked around where she was. Suddenly a shadow came over him and when he looked up he saw that Kaida was above him.

Kaida gave him a forward kick that he could only block with his spear . Due to the power of the kick, Ronin's spear broke in two and her kick landed on his shoulder. They both jumped back and stood at a distance from each other.

The moment the audience saw it, they jumped up from their seats and cheered on Kaida and Ronin.

Ronin grabbed his shoulder with his hand and looked at Kaida. What a force if I hadn't blocked it I would certainly have broken a few bones.

Kaida looked at Ronin who was holding his shoulder and laughed. He is certainly a worthy opponent even if i had weapons, this would not have been an easy match.

They ran towards each other again. Ronin gave her a sideways kick that Kaida blocked with her arms. Then she jumped up and lashed out with her fists, which he blocked with crossed arms.

Ronin saw an opening and gave her a blow to her side. The force of the blow was enormous and ensured that she gaspt for air. The moment she felt the power of the blow, she became so annoyed that she gave off such a heat that the entire tournament field caught on fire.


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