Can a dragon love a fox
115 Chapter 114
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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115 Chapter 114

Ronin was so surprised that he lost his focus. Because of this, Kaida saw an opening and gave him a forward kick followed by an elbow punch. Ronin was out of balance because of this and could not block the attacks. Kaida grabbed her chance and kept puncing him at great speed.
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Ronin tried to pick up but couldn't block all punches. She suddenly gave him a blow to his chin. The force of her blow made him feel a little light in his head and he was shaking. She put her palm against his chest and laughed.

He felt an enormous Heat coming from her palm and could barely radiate cold enough to keep it from burning his skin. Suddenly the heat formed a large fireball that send Ronin flying at great speed outside the lines of the tournament field.

Kaida was panting and she wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked satisfied at Ronin. He really gave her a good fight.

Ronin had already got up and wiped his clothes. His whole body was hurt by the blows he had received from Kaida. Despite the fact that his combat uniform had been burned, his skin had not been burned thanks to the cold he gave off. He looked at Kaida while wiping the sweat from his forehead.

He walked over to her and made a bow. "Your queen your strength is greater than I expected. "

She nodded at Ronin and laughed. "It is clear why you are the first general. My side still hurts from the punch you gave me "

Taka announced the winner and together they walked back to the dressing rooms.

On the way, Kaida met Rei who was on his way to the tournament field. Rei grabbed her by her hand and looks at her

" and? "

Kaida laughed and said arrogantly, "I won of course!"

Rei laughed and said jokingly "but not without a fight, seeing you like that!"

Kaida rubbed her side and made a sip face "that Ronin has really been a worthy opponent, had I made a mistake then I might not have won. Give your everything and good luck! "

Rei laughed and walked back to the servant who was waiting for her.

On the other side, Huli met Ronin. He looked at Ronin and said

"Not because she is the queen you had to let her win"

Ronin looked at him with his eyebrow raised and put his hand on his shoulder. "My friend even if I wanted to win, I could not have won. Only the moment she got irritated did she show her full power and then I was hopeless "

Huli looked at Ronin to see if he was making a joke, but he saw how seriously he looked " alright then my friend"

He nodded and then walked back to the tournament field.

When he entered the tournament field, Rei was already on the tournament field. She was wearing a white combat uniform and had her spear in her hand.

Huli was wearing his blue combat uniform and had chosen not to use weapons. When he stood opposite her he gave her a small nod that she answered with also a nod.

When Taka had given the go-ahead, Rei jumped back to create more distance. She didn't want to take the risk that she didn't have enough time to give off enough heat since she had already seen how fast Huli was in his previous game.

She held her spear firmly until it glowed. Then she spun circles at great speed with her spear, causing circles of fire to come off her spear.

While the circles of fire flew at Huli at great speed, Rei also ran towards him. She lashed out with her spear but couldn't touch him because of the cold air around Huli. She raised the temperature she first released and swung her spear faster.


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