Can a dragon love a fox
116 Chapter 115
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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116 Chapter 115

Huli was surprised by the temperature of her heat and noticed that her spear broke through his cold air all the way to the point he had to dodge the spear.

He then gave off a cold that caused a strong cold wind and pushed Rei back. She blocked the wind with her spear. Just as the wind had subsided, she saw Huli appear before her within a flash and lashed out his fist.
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Rei blocked his fist with her spear but the force pushed her back again. Huli immediately started the chase and kept on lashing out with his fists. Rei was on the defensive and could easily block his attacks. They both jumped back and stood apart.

She threw away her spear that could break any moment. She looked at Huli looking for an opening but there wasn't any.

Huli looked at Rei looking for an opening but he also saw none. In addition, it didn't seem as if she was suffering from the cold. But that would not be strange, since the heat she gave off even he could feel with his cold air arround him

At the same time, they ran towards each other and started fighting. Rei unexpectedly took a step to the side which surprised Huli and gave him a sideways kick against his shin followed by an upward punch to his forearm.

Huli felt that his shoulder adjusted because of Rei's punch. He turned to the side with great speed and gave her a sideways punch in her side followed by a forward kick. Rei was pushed back again while Huli jumped back.

When he was standing at a distance, he adjusted his shoulder back and moved it back and forth to check if he could move it without difficulty. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Rei. Rei gasped as she grabbed her side. What a power!

The audience watched the game attentively and was cheering loudly. This was the second time they saw that Huli was forced to defend.

When they both caught their breath they started the attack again. Rei lashed out with her fists that were so hot that it looked like they were on fire. A fist hit Huli in the face and made him step back. When Rei saw an opening and wanted to seize her chance, a storm came out of nowhere.

The wind storm was so intense that it seemed as if she was being hit by hundreds of swords. She did her best to keep her feet on the ground, but the windstorm was too strong and blew her off her feet.

The moment Huli saw that Rei was trapped in the windstorm, he gave her a kick with great force with the side of his foot. Because of this she flew with a great speed towards the wall of the stands. But just before she was about to hit the wall the windstorm faded and she landed softly on the grass next to the tournament field.

Rei looked around in surprise and wondered why she hadn't hit the wall. She then looked toward Huli, who gave her a little nod and walked toward the dressing room.

She got upset and shouted at him "why did you do that?" I am a warrior just like you and I do not expect pity "

Huli turned and looked at her and there was a small smile on his face "believe me I'm the last person to feel pity for someone However, I could not continue to use my cold since the blow of your fist was rather large "


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