Can a dragon love a fox
117 Chapter 116
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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117 Chapter 116

Nana stared at the ceiling in disbelief "is it really true aunt?"

Haya grabbed her hand and gently stroked it "save your strength my child, you just woke up"

Nana looked at haya "aunt tell me the truth"

Haya took a deep breath "it is really true. The final is between Kaida and Huli. But I'm sure if she didn't cheat she wouldn't have won against you "

Nana pulled her hand away and turned around "Aunt how much I would like to say I could have won against her, I can't. i will give credit where credit is due "

Haya stroked over the head of Nana "don't say that my dear, you know what they say about her"

Nana became irritated and wondered why Haya didn't want to see that she was right. You could say that Kaida had won against her by chance, but the fact that she had also won against Ronin said enough. She decided to change the subject.

"Where is my father, why hasn't he come to visit me yet"

Haya swallowed and did not know where to look and what to answer. Nana realized this and looked at her.


Again Haya took a deep breath and looked at her seriously

"your father is locked up in his room because he tried to attack Kaida"

Nana was startled and tried to get up, but the pain in her ribs immediately made her fall back on the bed. With tears in her eyes, she looked at Haya
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" what? Why did he do that? What now? He's all I have! "

Haya tried to calm her down and said in a soothing tone, "don't worry, my child. I heard that Kaida has asked Huli to release him." Atleast she is good for something. Huli, on the other hand, believes that he should remain locked up in his room until the end of the annual fox festival. "

Nana stared ahead and said nothing. She tried to think but was too tired. "Aunt it is better if I return home after the annual fox festival. I have enjoyed your hospitality long enough "

She looked at Nana, who looked in front with a gloomy look. "Are you sure, my dear? You know you can stay as long as you want."

Nana shook her head "Auntie I'm tired and let's be honest Huli never loved me that way. And no matter how much I would not like to admit it, I did get a little respect for Kaida. She has accomplished the task she has been given effortlessly, plus it is clear that she is not a weakling as the rumors say "

Haya rolled her eyes, but knew there was some truth in Nana's words. Someone who did not have Great Skills would not completed the task in such a short time and during the semifinal match it was clear to see she was skilled in martial arts.

"OK my child, I understand where your coming from. But don't forget that you are always welcome. Rest well now "

Haya walked out of the room and thought how she could make Huli and Kaida drift apart without Nana's help. As long as there were no children, it was not too late.


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