Can a dragon love a fox
118 Chapter 117
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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118 Chapter 117

On the third day of the Annual Fox Festival, the sun was bright and the sky was clear blue. The clock had just ushered in the afternoon and all the spectators had already taken their place. There were already bets about who would win the match.

This time, all officials were in the grandstands to watch the match. Nana had already recovered a bit and was also sitting in the grandstand, next to her was her father. Kaida had persuaded Huli that it was not a big hassle what Nari had done, so he was released from his room.

The moment Huli and Kaida entered the tournament field there were loud cheers and some spectators threw flowers down as a sign of good luck.

This time Kaida, had chosen to use weapons. She had a sword in each of her hand. The moment she came to a halt, she drilled her swords into the tiles of the tournament field and crossed her arms.

Huli, had also chosen to use weapons. He had a thick silver sword in his right hand. The end of the handle of his sword was a fox's head. Huli did exactly the same and also drilled his sword into the tiles of the tournament field.

When they faced each other, Taka gestured that the audience should be quiet

"Dear ladies and gentlemen, today is the day! It is time for the Final. Because it is a final, the match does not last 15 minutes but 30 minutes. Do enjoy the match and time will tell who will be victorious "

As Taka had given the go-ahead, Huli and Kaida kept looking at each other without moving. Minutes passed and none of them started moving. In the meantime the audience became restless and wondered what was going on

"Are they going to fight or not?"

" what are they doing? I did not come for this "

"Are they so in love that they don't want to hurt each other?"

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The unrest of the audience grew bigger and bigger and just as thet wanted to rebel, Huli and Kaida started to move at the same time. They were so fast that it was difficult for the audience to see what was happening.

The moment she faced each other again from a distance, it was a mystery to everyone except the people in the grandstands what had happened.

Kaida tried to warm up again while Huli was wiping the sweat from his forehead. Taka was jumping with excitement along the side and watched the match with full of enthusiasm.

All of a sudden a large storm of flames flared up high and approached Huli at great speed. On Huli side a big snowstorm arose which approached Kaida with great speed. The moment they met, great gusts of wind were released, which caused the fire and snow to go in all directions and the public to seek cover.

Zuko and Okui noted that Kaida and Huli went all out and were afraid that the strength would be a bit to much for ordinary villagers

Zuko made sure that he made a shield of heat for the audience on Huli's side so that they would not be affected by his cold. Okuri provided a shield of cold so that the audience on Kaida's side would not be affected by her heat.

In the meantime, Huli and Kaida fought each other again. Huli gave her a bottom kick that she blocked with her foot. Kaida gave him a sideways punch that he blocks with his arms. In turn, she handed out kicks and punches that they both blocked.

15 minutes had already passed and they were on pair with each other. They both ran towards their weapons and pulled them out of the tiles of the tournament field. With their swords in their hands, they faced each other while trying to catch their breath.


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