Can a dragon love a fox
119 Chapter 118
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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119 Chapter 118

Kaida looked at Huli looking for an opening, again she saw none. Huli also looked at her looking for an opening, but he also saw none.

Again they ran towards each other and were now sword fighting. The entire audience was silent and on the edge of their seats. The only thing that could be heard were the sounds of the swords coming together. In all the years of the annual fox festival, nobody had caused Huli to use so many skills.

Huli grabbed his handle of his sword with two hands and raised his hands above his head. He struck down his sword with rapid speed and power. Kaida crossed her swords above her head and blocked his sword. The force with which his sword landed on hers forced her on one knee.

With a quick movement, Huli gave her a low kick against her other leg, causing her to fall behind. She rolled away just in time when his sword landed just next to her face. She looked at the sword and thought what a speed. He is fast, i need to watch out!

She quickly slided across the floor to the side and stood on her feet. She quickly ran towards Huli and made a sham as if she was going to hit him with her swords. The moment Huli turned to block her swords, she fell to her knees and gave him a punch in the stomach with the handle of her right sword.

Huli lashed out with his sword, which scraped her arm. She jumped back and held her arm. Huli spat blood as he gasped for air. What kind of brute force does she have?

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In the meantime, 25 minutes had already passed and it was visible that the match took a toll on both of them. Both the heat of Kaida and the cold of Huli began to decrease and they were both no longer as fast as at the start of the match.

When they had recovered a bit, they flew at each other again. This time the way they were sword fighting was more intense, it seemed as if they really wanted to hurt each other. Huli succeeded in being the first to knock the swords out of her hands.

Kaida ran towards him and jumped on his arm with a quick movement and clenched his neck with her legs, causing them to fall together. With her palm she struck his hand with great force, causing his sword to fall out of his hand.

With great difficulty he came out of Kaida's hold and quickly got up. He quickly grabbed her leg and turned her around and then threw her across the tournament field.

Everyone thought she would be thrown out of the tournament field, but she stretched out her hands and set them off against the tiles and landed on her feet again. She wavered for a moment before she stood firm.

Again they ran towards each other. Huli gave her an elbow punch and Kaida gave him an upward punch to his jaw, both of them could not block because they had launched the attack. The moment the drums rang that the time was up, they both fell unconscious on the tournament field.

Everyone was stunned and wondered who had won. Taka was stuck to the side and looked with wide eyes at the two who were on the tournament field. He entered the tournament field and examined them both.

"Dear ladies and gentlemen, after futher examination it's a draw"

Kyona watched Huli and Kaida being carried away on a stretcher and then turned to her father "father what about the dragon ceremony, do you think we can still perform it tonight"

Zuko scratched his head "it's only half an hour after noon, let's see if they wake up on time, and how they feel when they wake up"


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