Can a dragon love a fox
120 Chapter 119
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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120 Chapter 119

Kaida slowly opened her eyes, she blinked and looked around. It took a while before she realized that she was in hers and Huli's chamber. She was covered with a blanket and was laying in the middle of the bed. She tried to sit up, but when she got up she felt light in her head.

When Kyona saw that her big sister had woken up, she quickly got out of her chair and helped her to sit up. She took the glass of water that was on the bedside table and gave it to Kaida to drink. She looked at her big sister with a caring look

"How do you feel my sister?"

Kaida took the glass of Kyona and gave her a reassuring smile. "I feel weird, I don't know the feeling of defeat. How long have I been unconscious? "

Kyona took the glass from her and replied "almost three hours sister, Jaya has taken care of your injuries. You have nothing serious but it is possible that your body is very sore from the fight "

Kaida took the blanket off her and slided her legs off the bed. Kyona tried to stop her from getting up. "Sister you just woke up, it is better to rest a little longer"

She waved her hands gently and gave Kyona a little push to make it clear to her that she had to move "Ky, it annoys me that he now has something to look down on me. I am not happy that I have been unconscious for three hours while he is enjoying his victory "
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Kyona looked confused at Kaida and wondered what she was talking about. Who is enjoying his victory? Only then did she realize that Kaida of course did not know that Huli was also unconscious.

"Sister technically you did not lost but you did not won either"

It was now Kaida's turn to look confused at Kyona. What is she talking about, how could I not have won or lost?

Kyona saw that Kaida was looking questioningly at her so she said "it's a draw, both you and Huli have ..

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. A voice could be heard from behind the door

"My lady I would like your permission to enter the chamber"

Kaida got up and put her bathrobe around herself. Kyona followed her to the door and opened the door


Together with Kyona, she walked to the sofa that stood in the chamber and they sat down. The servant bowed and stood at a respectful distance from them

"I apologize for my rudeness, your highness I did not know that you were already conscious. Your highness and my lady, I am here to inform you that the king is conscious again. In addition, the council members wonder whether the dragon ceremony would take place or not and expect an answer as soon as possible "

Kaida was even more confused and looked again at kyona. She whispered in her ear "sister when the 30 minutes were over, both of you fell unconscious. "


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