Can a dragon love a fox
121 Chapter 120
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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121 Chapter 120

Kaida stood up and walked over to the servant and helped him up. " you don't need to bow to me. Would you be so kind as to pass on a message for me to the councilors? "

The servant did not know what to do because he was not used to being treated so warmly and could only nod.

Kaida gave him a warm smile and said "Whether the dragon ceremony is being held or not is not their business. And never let them send someone to give me a message saying they expect a answer as soon as possible, if they need to know something they will"

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The servant looked at Kaida with wide eyes and started fiddling with his hands. The servant was a boy not older than 15 years, he was approximately 1.60 cm. He had brown hair and black eyes. It was clear that he felt uncomfortable passing on the message. Everyone knew that it was not advisable to go against the council members.

Kaida saw that he was in conflict with his thoughts, so she went to the window table. She grabbed paper and pulled the pencil out of the inkwell. She wrote something on the paper and when she was done she took her stamp and pressed it on the paper. When she was done, she walked over to the servant and handed him the paper. She gave him a warm smile and said

"Don't worry, they won't blame you and if they do they have a problem with me"

Relieved, the servant took the paper and bowed before leaving the chamber.

Kaida turned and sat down on the sofa next to Kyona. She looked ahead and suddenly asked "where is he?"

Kyona hesitated for a moment before but finally said "he is in the north wing of the palace. Haya immediately ordered her guards to take him there. She also made a big fuss about the match. She pretended it was a hostile match and you wanted to consciously take his life "

Kaida's  raised her eyebrows and she looked irritated at the door. She got up and went to her closet and took some clothing. When she had dressed herself, she turned to her sister

"How long before the dragon ceremony?"

Kyona looked at her in surprise, does she really want to do the dragon dance? Is she able to do it in her condition? She looked at her big sister and all her worries disappeared. From the moment she got up it was visible that she could just move freely and was not bothered by anything. When she heard that Huli had also been unconscious, it seemed as if she was even more cheerful. As if the dent in her ego had cleared up mysteriously.

"At least four more hours my sister"

Kaida walked to the door of her chamber and nodded to Kyona "that is more than enough time, come follow me to the north wing of the palace. I have more than enough of the kings mother "


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