Can a dragon love a fox
122 chapter 121
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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122 chapter 121

Huli angrily walked back and forth in a sleeping chamber from the north wing of the palace. Everything in the chamber was turnend into ice and the temperature in the chamber was far below freezing.

The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was his mother and he was not happy with what she had told him.
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His mood had fallen so far that the entire north wing of the palace was covered with ice. If he had to believe the rumors about kaida, there was some truth in what his mother had told him.

But he couldn't believe that Kaida would really go that far to plan a hostile takeover. Why should she? And it can't be that he and Nana, Ronin, accidentally lost to her. Had she had help from someone?

Hu looked worriedly at his brother, the last time he had seen him that way was during the decisive night of the war. He wondered what their mother had said to him that Huli was so upset.

"Brother you are just awake, save your strength and ..."

The cold-blooded look that Huli gave him made him stop talking. Hu decided not to say anything anymore and to wait until his big brother had calmed down. He felt that his mother had done something again that she should not do.

In the meantime, Huli was getting worse by the minute. It was a long time ago that he had suffered a defeat. He didn't know if he was so angry because he had lost or because of his mother's words. He also wondered why he was in the north wing of the palace and not in their chamber. Did it not bother her that he was unconscious?

"Hu, where is she?"

The cold tone in his voice caused shivers to run down Hu's back. "She was carried to your chamber after the match"

Huli turned to Hu and approached him. Because of his anger, it was not quite clear what his brother said to him. When he was standing right in front of Hu, he said in a cold tone, "why didn't she come over?"

Hu looked up confused and asked, "is she already awake then?"

Huli started to get annoyed at Hu because he thought he was protecting Kaida. He raised his voice and said "why should she not be awake?" Who is sleeping around this time while a festival is going on? "

Hu rolled his eyes and thought, but were you not laying flat in bed a few minutes ago? Only you think I'm talking about just sleeping! In his mind he was scolding his big brother until he suddenly realized that his brother did not know that Kaida was also unconscious.

"Brother what did mama say to you?"

Huli looked at Hu and wondered if he should trust his mother. He slowly began to radiate less cold and the temperature in the chamber slowly began to rise again

"Tell me what happened"

When Hu had told the whole story the temperature dropped again and this time it became colder than it already was. A strong cold wind blew through the entire north wing of the palace.

Suddenly Huli turned and looked at the door. Who is it, that is melting my ice?


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