Can a dragon love a fox
123 Chapter 122
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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123 Chapter 122

When Kaida walked to the entrance of the north wing of the palace, she saw guards standing. As she walked on, she saw that the entrance hall was covered with ice, and a strong storm of cold wind approached her. The wind was so intense that the guards themselves were affected.

The moment she wanted to enter the hall of the north wing of the palace, she was stopped by the guards.

"I apologize your highness on orders from the kings mother you are not allowed to enter the north wing of the palace"

Kaida laughed mockingly at the gaurds, on orders from whom? Don't make me laugh, she's getting bolder every day. I think I've been to nice to that woman. Without continuing to pay attention to the guards, she continued with kyona.

The guards saw that they just wanted to continue their way so they blocked the way. Kaida looked at them with a straight face and said in an icy tone


The guards shivered and were in conflict. It was difficult to go against the orders of the king's mother, but it was also not an option to go against the orders of the queen. Kaida saw that the guards were not about to move aside so she radiated a great deal of heat.

Because of the power of the heat, the guards each flew against a wall and fell down. Kaida walked into the north wing of the palace and looked around the hall. Everything was covered with ice. A path of melted ice emerged where Kaida had walked.

Halfway through the hall she saw Haya and a few guards approaching her. The moment she saw Haya, kaida felt great irritation coming over her. She preferred not to have anything to do with that woman and couldn't wait until she finally left the palace. She had asked huli several times when the day would come when his mother would finally leave, but the conversation never went well.

Haya saw that Kaida made no effort to stop, so she blocked the road with the guards.

"What are you doing in the north wing of the palace after what you have done with my son"

Kaida rolled her eyes and looked at Haya with a cold look "it looks like he is still in top shape, if he can freeze the entire north wing"

Haya gestured to her guards that they had to surround Kaida and Kyona. when the two were surrounded, she stepped forward and said

"How do you know for sure that it is his ice and not mine? In addition, you would not know in which chamber he is without my help. I ask you to leave without a fuss otherwise you leave me no choice "

Kyona looked at Kaida and then again at the guards who had surrounded them. She saw that Kaida was very calm, so she decided to wait and see what her big sister would do. She looked at Haya and shook her head, she didn't want to know what nonsense was in her head.

Kaida lowered her knees and touched the ice. She got up again and approached Haya with a grin

"King's Mother, I suggest you get to know your place quickly. I kindly ask you to go out of my way so that I can go to MY HUSBAND. Because believe my words I am going with or without your help "

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The moment Kaida had finished talking, she gave off such a heat that a sea of fire flew through the corridors. Almost all the ice had melted and only a small path of ice remained. Kaida and kyona walked past the startled guards. Before Kaida continued walking, she turned to Haya

"I am already tired of you and your nonsense. I suggest if you really want to stay here the whole first year you stop this nonsense "

Kaida didn't want them following her, so she created a sea of fire in the hallway that blocked their way. Then she followed the path of ice until she came to a door. She opened the door and a strong storm of cold wind met her.


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