Can a dragon love a fox
124 Chapter 123
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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124 Chapter 123

The moment Kaida had opened the door, the temperature in the chamber quickly rose. Huli and Hu stood in the middle of the room and a pleasant warm air came towards them

"My king, I think you had enough fun for today"

The moment Huli heard Kaida's voice, he no longer gave off cold and seemed calmer. Did she use the same words he used in the dressing chamber? he turned and approached her.
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He stopped when he was right in front of her and looked at her from head to toe. His eyebrow raised when he saw some bruises on her shoulders. He saw that her arm had a bandage where he had cut her with his sword.

Hu and Kyona saw that they only had eyes for each other so they decided to leave the room. Kyona still had to get ready for the dragon ceremony and go search for Cuan.

Hu was happy that he no longer had to experience Huli's anger and could not leave the room quickly enough. He knew for sure that his mother had a part in the bad mood of Huli.

Kaida looked at Huli, she saw that he had a cut in his lip and a few bruises on his arms. They had only been married for three weeks so she still was not good in reading him.

Although he did not treat her badly, he did not show much emotion towards her. Only when they shared the bed did she feel that he was more accessible. In addition, she had been able to experience his anger a few times and each time it had been thanks to his mother.

She swallowed and looked at him with a warm look, "how do you feel?"

Huli looked at her with the ice-cold look that he always had, but said in a tender tone, "I'm fine. Don't you have to lie in bed? "

He took her hand and led her to the edge of the bed so she could take a seat there. He sat down beside her and looked at her.

Kaida laughed and said "why should I lie in bed and not you? And give your mother the pleasure of driving a wedge between us? And seeing the north wing she almost had her way! Do you really think so little of me?

Huli looked at her with her eyebrow raised. Altough he could understand Kaida he also could understand his mother. Nobody knew what Kaida strenght were.

"What do you mean?" It's no more than normal for my mother to think what happened is suspicious. Especially because nobdoy in the north know anything about your skills. I also thought it was suspicious "

Kaida looked at Huli with irritation. He always wanted to start a fight and defend his mother. if I didn't need him for the dragon ceremony I would have gone with my father. She took her hand out of his hand and stood up.

"Since you're doing well, I'm going to get ready for the dragon ceremony. My father would keep you informed of your task during the ceremony "

Huli knew that Kaida was irritated, she always was when they had a conversation about his mother. And he also knew that the words he just spoke were to harsh. He also got up and scratched his head

"I'm sorry, Let's not talk about my mother anymore, won't you tell me about my task for the dragon ceremony?"

Kaida made no effort to look at him and walked past him to the door

"Since I was unconscious for three hours and had to waste my time on unnecessary things to visit you, I don't have time for that"

Huli looked at her confused and walked over to her "what unnecessary things?"

Before he could reach her she had opened the door and said 1"ask your mother, whose actions are no more than normal" before Huli could say anything, she had already left the room.


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