Can a dragon love a fox
125 Chapter 124
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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125 Chapter 124

Dressed in a red silk yukata, Huli walked into the Chamber next to the grounds where the dragon ceremony was held. Zuko, Kyro, Cuan and a man he did not know were present in the Chamber.

The four men wore just like Huli a red silk yukata, dragons were embroidered on the back. Huli saw that every image of the dragons that was embroidered on the back of the yukata differed.

Zuko saw that Huli had come in and walked towards him with a smile. "Come and take a seat and drink with us. It takes a while for the women to finish, you know how they are "

Huli nodded and sat down, he took the glass that Zuko handed him and took a sip. He felt his throat burning again and cursed the alcohol of the dragon tribe. He didn't understand how Kaida could easily drink three barrels of it.

The unknown man stood up and bowed "greetings king of the foxes tribe, my name is Zinan and I am the husband of Kayra"

Zinan was a muscular man of at least 1.85 cm. He had dark brown hair and green-blue eyes.

Huli nodded at him and said "Greetings, its a pleasure "

Cuan sat next to Zuko and poured drink into Zuko's glass. He visibly wanted to get in his favor.

"Father-in-law if I may say so, it is an honor for me that Kyona has given me this task"

Huli rolled his eyes but suddenly realized that he was the only one who did not know what task they had been given. He cleared his throat

"What is the dragon ceremony and what is our task in this?"

Cuan looked at him with a sneaky grin and said "oh didn't the queen tell you about it?" My fiance explained this to me in great detail, you would think since you are married that this would also be the case with you "

Huli gave Cuan a cold look while Cuan looked back at him with a grin on his face.

Zuko looked at the two and sighed "the dragon ceremony is a ceremony to awaken the dragons that are still sleeping, and to honor the dragons. With the help of the dragon dance the dragons get the necessary energy to get enough power to leave their resting place. It is the task of the dancers' beloved to lit the wood and the leaves with a torch of dragon fire "

Huli took a sip of his drink and asked "how do the dancers get the dragon fire? "
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Zuko laughed "I assume you saw the necklace that Kaida is wearing. The rubies of the necklace contain the dragon fire. The fact that she is in possession of the necklace is also a sign that most dragons have awakened "

Cuan rubbed his chin and asked "what kind of dance is the dragon dance and does only the members of the royal family know the steps of the dance?"

Zuko shook his head "the dragon dance is a forgotten dance. Its been centuries ago that there was not a successor on time who could handle the dragons. However, we attach great importance to the dance of the dragon tribe. Therefore, as soon as they can walk, the girls receive lessons about the dragon dance. As you know, there are no class distinctions in the dragon tribe. A commoner is no less than a member of the royal family. The royal family eats and sleeps with a commonr, ensuring that we are close to our people and remain humble. the title of mother of the dragons goes only to the person who is worthy, so this can also be an commoner. "

Huli and Cuan had more questions but they were interrupted by a servant

"Your highness and my lords, I have come to inform you that the queen and the ladies are ready"


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