Can a dragon love a fox
126 Chapter 125
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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126 Chapter 125

Zuko stood up and gave everyone a torch, then he took a torch himself and walked outside. The rest followed him outside. when they were outside, they looked amazed at the five women standing in a row, they looked very beautiful.

The women were dressed in a long red kimona made of silk. On the back an image of their dragon was embroidered. They all had their hair raised with beautiful pins in their hair. Kaida had golden pins in her hair and the rest had silver. They had a red ruby necklace around their neck that seemed to glow. Kaida's necklace had several rubies.

Kaida stood at the beginning of the Row, Huli walked over to her and reached out his left hand. With her right hand she took his left hand and walked with him towards the golden altar.

The next in line was Kyona, excitedly Cuan walked over to her and reached out his left hand. Kyona put her right hand in his hand and smiled.

"You look beautiful my lady"

With a shy smile, she walked with Cuan to a silver altar.

Then it was Zuko's turn to reach out  his left hand to a nervous Kimia. Shaking, she took her father's hand with her right hand. He rubbed her hand comfortingly

"I know you drew the short straw, but you will do a great job. You look beautiful, your mother would be proud of you"

Zuko pricked a tear away and walked with Kimia to a silver altar and looked full of pride at his three daughters.

It was now Zinan's turn to reach out to Kayra while he looked lovingly at her. With a big smile, she grabbed his hand with her right hand and together they walked to a silver altar.

Finally, Kyro walked over to Rei and extended his left hand to her. When she put her right hand in his hand, he gave her a kiss on the back of her hand.

"Do you know that every day i'm falling more and more in love with you?"

Rei answered his question with a loving smile and together they walked to a silver altar.

The area where the dragon ceremony was held was illuminated with lanterns covered with a red cover. On the left stood the people of the foxes, wolves and snake tribe, on the right stood at a reasonable distance the people of the dragon tribe.

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All the people on the left wondered if they would actually have the chance to see the dragons today. Older people who once had the opportunity to see the dragons could not wait, while those that had never seen them had no expectations.

On the right, the people of the dragon tribe were ready to welcome their dragons. Here and there, parents were giving instructions to their children.

A mother told her five-year-old son "you were only a few months old when your dragon went to sleep. Don't be afraid if he spits fire on you, the fire of your own dragon would never hurt you. "

A father told his four-year-old daughter, "my daughter when the dragon of your mother and mine arrives, they will bring a dragon egg. It's your job to make it hatch. You are already a little more skilled in controlling your heat, you will manage to make it hatch ".

Haya sat next to Nana in the seats at the front of the grounds. She looked at the altars with a snappy glance and laughed. She could not wait until Kaida embarrassed herself before the three tribes.

Nana looked at Kaida with a variety of emotions. The final was still fresh in her memory and although she did not want to admit it, she looked at Kaida with different eyes. It was clear that she was on the same level as Huli and there was more to kaida than could be seen.

This was also clear from how Salmus and Cuan's father treated her both with full respect. She decided to investigate to find out what her role was in the war.


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