Can a dragon love a fox
127 Chapter 126
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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127 Chapter 126

The moment the drums struck, everyone became silent and looked intently at the five beautiful women on the altars. The men who stood beside the altars gave the torches to them.

The sound of the drums stopped and everyone was silent as they watched what the women were doing. Everyone on the left wondered how they would lit the torches without fire.

Kaida closed her eyes and started to give off a high temperature heat. The ruby necklace started to glow. When She opened her eyes she saw that she was standing in the middle of the cave where the dragons were.

When she looked around, she saw that the rest of the women were also in the cave and standing in front of their dragons

She looked up and looked straight into the eyes of Long "are you ready my old friend?"

Long stood up and spewed fire. The rest of the dragons also spewed fire until the torches were well lit. The moment they were lit, the women opened their eyes.

Everyone on the grounds clapped when they saw that the torches were lit. Haya, however, had a sour face and was sweating a bit, she was wondering if she had made a mistake and the dragons would actually appear.

Kaida gave the burning torch to Huli. He took it and he noticed that the temperature and shape of the fire was different from normal fire. Was this real dragon fire?

When all the women had given the burning torches, the men lit the wood and the dried leaves simultaneously. Large flames of fire flew up within seconds.

Everyone was shocked when the women's long kimona caught fire and the left side of the terrain almost panicked. When they realized that it didn't hurt the women and that it was part of the dragon ceremony, they became quiet again.

The moment the women's kimomas were on fire, the drums were hit again and the women started to dance.

When the women lifted their left arm to the beat of the drums with a graceful movement sparks flew from the sleeves. The moment their left arm gracefully came down, they moved their right arm gracefully with the rhythm of the drums.

They raised both arms gracefully to the beat of the drums and held their arms above their heads. They made graceful circular movements with their hands, while they gracefully moved their hips.

They lowered their arms again while they continued to make graceful circular movements with their hands. They spread their arms and then turned their bodies in circles. While dancing, the sparks flew off their kimona.

All people looked at them carefully and were silent. The women looked breathtaking while they danced in their kimona that was on fire. The dance was so beautiful that some people had tears in their eyes while they watched it.

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When the dance was finished, everyone looked at each other and wondered what would happen next. A few minutes passed, but no dragon came.

Haya sat smiling in her chair and looked satisfied at Kaida. She knew it, no dragons are coming. It feels so wonderful to be right!

Suddenly the drums were beaten again and this time it was Kaida who did the dance alone. Again the people were hypnotized by the dance and how beautiful Kaida looked. But when she finished dancing, nothing happened again.

Huli looked thoughtfully at Kaida and could not help feeling sorry for her

The people became restless and started to believe less and less that the dragons would appear. When the drums struck again this time the other four women were dancing, many had already given up hope and some wanted to leave the grounds.

In the middle of the dances it suddenly started to thunder while the sky was clear. The earth began to shake as if there was an earthquake. Many people could not find their balance and fell down. Panic arose and everyone but the left side of the ground tried to seek cover.

Haya looked around with difficulty, and it struck her that despite a severe earthquake, the buildings did not collapse. It seemed rather that the people themselves were shaking than the earth.


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