Can a dragon love a fox
128 Chapter 127
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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128 Chapter 127

Suddenly a frightening roar was heard in the air and a big shadow flew over the grounds. The people looked up and saw a dragon flying through the sky as red as fire. The dragon was certainly 30 meters long and its wings had a reach of 15 meters long. He was followed by four other dragons.

The dragon as red as fire lands for Kaida and the rest of the other dragons for their mistress. Huli looked at the mighty dragon and had to swallow. Fu was big but not that big.

The moment the dragons had landed, the people stopped shaking and came to their senses again. With wide eyes, they looked at the five dragons that all looked powerful. It was clear that Kaida's was the largest.

The moment the dragons opened their mouths and spit fire, it was burning hot on the grounds. The younger generation on the right were now pale and did not know if they should cry or laugh. The older generation were cheering exuberantly since they had seen dragons more often.

The women did not move a muscle while they were coverd with fire and they showed no fear. When the dragons were satisfied, they lifted their heads and spewed fire in the air. Their Kimona's were no longer on fire and they climbed off the altars.

A few minutes later, the sky was covered with hundreds of dragons looking for their master. The dragons spewed fire from the air to see if their master was still worthy of them. when every dragong was satisfied they landed and went to their masters.

Okuri gave the signal that the foxes, wolves and snakes could also be released and gradually the area started to fill up with all the animals from the four tribes

Music could be heard again on the grounds and the final party could begin. Many people carefully contacted the people of the dragon tribe to get the chance to see a dragon up close.

Rei and Kyro stood with their dragons and gave the dragon eggs to their children.

"Remember you have a week to make them hatch"


Huli sat next to Kaida and looked at the dragon who layed obediently behind her. The moment Fu arrived, the dragon raised its head and stood up

"Mm so this is the fox you rode on"

Kaida smiled lovingly and rubbed her scales "don't be jealous long, I still like riding on you the best"

Long looked at Fu and layed down again. Fu shrugged and went to lie behind Huli. Long raised her eyes and growled because Fu layed down next to her. Fu did not feel threatened by Long and did not move as she was always behind Huli. It is not my fault that our masters are sitting side by side, Fu thought.

Kaida rolled her eyes when she saw Haya coming their way with a sour face. Haya stopped at front of them and said mockingly

"What a coincidence that your dragon looks exactly like your mother's if I didn't know better than ..."

Before Haya could continue talking, Long had risen and stood with his nose close to Haya's face, roaring loudly and spitting fire past her.

Haya would lie if she had not been shocked but she did not show it, she adjusted her clothes well and said

"You forget that I grew up with your mother, do you think her dragon never threatened me?"

She looked from Kaida to Long and then back to Kaida and turned and walked away.

"Long that is enough, lie down again"

Huli looked annoyed at Kaida "was it necessary what if your dragon really had hit my mother? You know my mother is only provoking you "
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Kaida look irritated and took a sip of her alcohol and looked at him angrily "when will you open your mouth against your mother instead of me? it is the final party I do not wish to talk about this at the moment "

Kaida stood up and rubbed Long's nose. "It's been a while since I took a ride on your back, let's blow off some steam"


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