Can a dragon love a fox
129 chapter 128
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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129 chapter 128

Long stood up and flapped her wings, causing a strong wind to blow over the grounds and everyone looked towards Kaida and Long. The people from the other three tribes looked at Long in surprise. The dragon of Kaida was so fierce. Long flew high into the sky and spewed fire before they disappeared into the distance together.

Huli glanced at Kaida and when he no longer saw her he looked ahead with a doubtful look. Ronin saw his gaze and walked over to him. He had seen what had happened when Haya approached them and how the mood of both Huli and Kaida warmed down.

"My old friend, what are you thinking about?"

Huli looked up when he heard Ronin's voice and signaled that he could take a seat "my wife and my mother"

Ronin sat down and laughed "you know that you are your mother's treasure . She only wants the best for you, but there is a limit and as you know your wife is not afraid to open her mouth. Well she should, if someone else doesn't open his mouth "

Huli looked up at Ronin with raised eyebrow. "Who doesn't open his mouth? I respond the same to both. I tell them both that their behavior is not okay "

"But it is your mother who does not know her place, Kaida only indicates that. How do you think it will look to them if you only talk to them about their behavior in private? "

Huli sighed and took a sip of his drink. "Mother will turn around, she just has to get used to the fact that I married someone from the dragon tribe. Once she knows Kaida she would love her "

Ronin grinned "are you saying you love her already?"

Huli got up and looked at Ronin with a stern look "it is too early to say that, what I do know is that I like to share the bed with her" he walked to Fu and climbed on her back and drove away.

Ronin looked at him in astonishment "how can he say that with such a straight face?"

The final party was in full swing and Kaida and Huli had rejoined themselves among the people, it was noticeable to those who knew them well that something was going on because the rest of the evening Kaida and Huli were no longer talking to each other. Everyone chose to pretend they did not realize to not ruin the good atmosphere. At the end of the final party, they said goodbye to most off the people.

Since most people had come on their animel of thier tribe, they insisted on leaving immediately. Cuan's father would lead the people of the wolf tribe on his wolf back to the west. While Kenta would lead the people of the dragon tribe on his dragon back to the south. And The first general of the snake tribe would lead the people of the snake tribe on his snake back to the east.

Salmus and his wife were already on their snake and were ready to leave, they wanted to spend some time together so they left separately from their tribe.

Cuan sat on his wolf and insisted on accompanying Kyona a part of her journey, so that he could spend some more time with her. Her father was still drinking with Okuri so he decided to leave the next morning.

When everyone had left and Kaida wanted to enter the palace, Jaya came running fast
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"My queen the dragon egg has disappeared"

Kaida turned quickly and looked at Jaya "how is that possible? Let a group of warriors look for the egg! "

Jaya nodded and quickly ran away.

After everyone had their dragon and all the dragon eggs were with their master, one was left. Kaida hadn't had time to inspect the dragon egg so she didn't know who it was from and now suddenly it was gone? She didn't know why, but she had a bad feeling about it


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