Can a dragon love a fox
130 chapter 129
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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130 chapter 129

Kaida sat in the throne room with her face in her hand and looked with ice-cold eyes at the five warriors who were on their knees before her.
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"So you are telling me that in a month time you still have not found one clue about the disappearance of the dragon egg?"

The cold tone in her voice caused the warriors to shiver. The front warrior looked up hesitantly and said

"If I may be so free your queen, we have searched everywhere from the west to the east, from the north to the south. But it looks like the dragon egg never existed. The mother of the dragon egg also could not be found "

Kaida looked at the warriors and sighed. "I don't understand why you are on your knees before me, it's not your fault. The reason why I am angry is not your fault either. You have done your best, in a few hours the rest of our army will arrive. My king has given us a large hectares of land. Tell lord Kaën that I want all the houses to be built within six months. And tell lord Koto that he is responsible for the land and the crops. "

When Kaida stood up, the warriors rose and bowed. Just right before Kaida wanted to walk out the door of the throne room, she had a bursting headache and her whole body became hot. She grabbed her head and collapsed. She tried to keep her eyes open, but before she knew it she lost consciousness.

The warriors quickly came running towards her. The warrior who had just spoken , gave ordes to the other ones. One warrior had to quickly get Jaya and the rest had to absorb as much heat as possible before the entire palace and perhaps the entire tribe went up in smoke.


When Kaida opened her eyes she saw that she was no longer in the throne room. She looked around but only saw a large lawn that she did not know. She continued on the lawn, but there was no end to it and there was nothing to see but grass.

Just when she wanted to continue walking, she saw a little boy of about five or six years. His face was blurry and the only thing she could see well was his red curly hair. He was holding a dragon egg in his hands.

He said something to the dragon egg that Kaida could not understand. She walked towards him, but no matter how far she walked, she couldn't get any closer to him.

Suddenly she saw a shadow standing next to the boy. She could not see if it was a man or a woman, but she did see the hostile attitude of the shadow toward the boy. The shadow pointed to the dragon egg and hit the boy hard in the face. The boy fell down on the lawn while protecting the dragon egg.

The shadow disappeared as quickly as it had come and the boy was left alone with the dragon egg. Kaida looked at the dragon egg and she noticed that it was the missing dragon egg. She tried to get closer to the boy again, but no matter how she tried it didn't work.

Suddenly the boy looked in her direction and gave off an incredible heat and walked towards kaida. The dragon egg started to crack and gradually pieces of shell fell off the dragon egg. When the boy was right in front of Kaida, he had a little dragon in his hand.

The dragon looked at Kaida and spewed fire. The moment the dragon did that, the whole lawn caught fire and it seemed that Kaida was trapped in the fire.


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