Can a dragon love a fox
131 chapter 130
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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131 chapter 130

Kaida woke up covered in sweat and looked pale. She looked arround and saw that she was back in the palace. She was panting and feeling stuffy.

Rei came with a cloth to wipe her forehead.

"Kaida what's the matter?"

Kaida looked at Rei absently and needed time to process everything. As the mother of all dragons, she had a connection with all dragons, and immediately knew when a dragon egg had hatched. A week after the fox festival she also felt that the dragon eggs had hatched, but it had not been such an experience.

It was clear that the dragon egg had been forced to hatch. And who was the boy? the Red hair is undoubtedly a royal feature.

"Rei was there a boy with red hair born before or during the war in the dragon tribe?"

Rei looked up surprised and thought about it

"no my darling, Father Kai and Mother Rana have had a baby girl but she only has a red glow over her hair. In the royal family you are the only one with the red hair of your ancestors. Only the last child born of the former queen and the king has, besides black hair, locks of red hair "

Kaida got up and went to the table by the window and took two sheets of paper and then the pencil from the inkwell. She wrote something on both and when she was done she rolled up the sheets and put her stamp on it.

Rei noticed that this time she used her stamp of the dragon tribe and not the one she had received from Huli after their marriage.

Kaida walked towards Rei with a dubious look and said, "Rei do you remember the event of my Uncle Kaidon's downfall? I don't know why but I think this situation has something to do with it. I should bother you with this task, would you secretly give these roles to Salmus and Chao? "

Rei looked up in surprise and wondered why Kaida sent a message to both the king of the snake tribe and the Wolves tribe. Without asking, she nodded and said,

"I will return at the earliest at the next sunrise, do you also expect a message back"

Kaida shoke her head "that is not necessary, in six months time the wedding of Kyona and Cuan wille be held, a few days before there is a meeting for only the rulers of the four tribes. We will talk there. "


Huli walked through the streets of the tribe with Ronin and Kyro. They had guided the army of Kaida to the land that Huli had given her as a dowry. Because Kaida was not yet awake, he had taken on the task of receiving the warriors.

Her army was large and Huli had struggled to speak as much warriors as possible. From the conversations it became clear to him how loved Kaida was among her people.

He was glad that the warriors already gave Kaida's orders to Kaën and Koto. As soon as he had the opportunity, he had left for the palace together with Ronin and Kyro.

Just when Huli wanted to enter the palace, he saw a familiar figure that made his heart beat faster and he quickly looked again at the place where he saw the person.

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But he only saw Tama walking with a basket full of healing herbs. Her brother was walking behind her and he was also carrying a basket with a few flowers. Behind them were 2 little dragons and 2 little foxes.

Huli looked at them and wondered why both a fox and a dragon were following the two. He wanted to walk on until he heard a soft voice calling him

"Uncle Huli, you are already back with Uncle Ronin and Uncle Kyro. Don't worry about Aunt Red, our father is helping mum to make her better again "


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