Can a dragon love a fox
132 Chapter 131
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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132 Chapter 131

They ran to the three men and showed what they had in their basket. Huli only nodded while Ronin and Kyro lifted the two children and gave compliments for helping their parents so well.

"Tama and Joben where are you with the herbs, your mother is waiting for us"

Tastu came back to fetch his two children and saw that they were with the three men. He bowed and said

"greetings my Lords and your highness, my apology if the children have harassed you three"

All three of them looked at Tastu in surprise and did not know what to say. Huli was the first to move. He approached Tastu and hugged him and said with joy.

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"My old friend you dont know how long I have been searching for you, it is good to see you again. And you are a father already! "

Tastu felt surprised and looked at Huli with a questioning look. He uncomfortably stepped back and said in a humble tone

"again my apology but besides your titles I don't know who you are." If you would excuse me the queen really needs these healing herbs "

The moment Huli heared the words of Tatsu, his eyes changed and his world collapsed. Before Huli could say anything, Tastu had already walked away with the children.

The three remained stunned and looked ahead without saying a word. Was this the same Tastu they knew? What had happened to him and wouldn't he marry somebody else then Jaya?

All day Huli could not concentrate on his work and was distracted all the time. He decided to quit his work and to see how Kaida was doing. A servant had informed him that she had woken up and Jaya was taking care of her.

When Huli opened the door to their bedroom, he saw Kaida sitting in front of the mirror. she was wearing a satin dress with a transparent satin bathrobe.

Her long red curls ran loosely over her back and part of her hair ran down her shoulder to her chest. With smooth movements she was brushing that part of her hair.

From where Huli stood he could clearly see her reflection. She looked down with a warm look, making it look like she had her eyes closed. She had a smile on her face and was humming. She looked so breathtaking that his heart was beating faster.

When he approached her, he saw that Kaida had noticed him. When she looked at him with her beautiful red eyes he only had eyes for her. Where his thoughts were first fulled with concerns about Tastu, they were now replaced by Kaida alone.

Kaida turned and stood up. She made a small bow "my king what brings you here at this time"

Huli stopped an inch in front of her and slid his finger along the lines of her face. As he looked at her deeply, he said, " My queen does the time matter when I want to visit my wife?"

Kaida swallowed but her mouth was completely dry. By the way he looked at her, her heart beat faster and everywhere his finger touched her felt warm. She looked at him and tried to keep looking into his blue eyes.

Although his facial expression was tight, she could see a desire in his eyes. She felt his fingers go over her lips and saw that he brought his face closer to her. Soon she felt his lips on hers.

His kiss was wild and rough, and before she knew it, she felt his tongue slip into her mouth to explore every corner.

She felt his arms around her waist and he quickly lifted her up and carried her to the bed.

He threw her down on the bed and took off his clothes. He leaned forward and slid his hands over Kaida's shoulders, removing her dressing gown. He pushed Kaida on her back and layed down on her.


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