Can a dragon love a fox
133 Chapter 132
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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133 Chapter 132

Kaida looked at Huli and noticed that there was something off about him, as if something was bothering him. She put her hand on his cheek and looked lovingly at him

"my king, are you all right?"

Huli frowned but quickly restored his facial expression and gave her a kiss on her hand

"my queen, I don't feel like talking now"

Before Kaida could answer, she was kissed rough and intense again. It was clear that he had something on his mind. Normally his embrace was tender and soft, this time his embrace was rough and intense. If he did his best to forget something.


Kaida opened her eyes and saw that she was lying on Huli's chest. She looked up and saw that he was already awake. He had a document in his hand and was reading it carefully.

The more she looked at him, the more beautiful she thought he was. She was staring so much that she didn't realize he was watching her.

"Do you like what you see

Kaida jumped up and sat up, blushing she looked away

"I can't complain"

Huli gave a small smile and sat up. "Like I said, your sister is getting married in a few months. It is common for a representative of each tribe to visit the other three tribes a few days before the wedding to discuss the wedding presents. Since it is your sisters, I think it is a good idea to give you this task "

Kaida's eyes began to glisten and she almost jumped up from joy
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"my king it would be my honor!"

Huli saw that Kaida was very happy with the news, so he hesitantly said "you must know that the council members have already decided to let Nana accompony you during your trip to the other tribe"

Kaida joy left as quickly as it had come and she looked at huli with a cold-blooded look and said with a cold voice

"why is that?"

Huli scratched behind his ear and looked away "my queen even though you are married to me, you still have the blood of a dragon in you, where nana has the blood of a fox in her. In order to not offend the other tribes to only send a by marraige envoy, we will also send Nana who has the princess title "


Without looking at Huli, she got up and grabbed her bathrobe. "My king as you wish. In the coming months I will be busy building with my army "

Huli sighed and stood up. Suddenly he turned to Kaida and said "Jaya is the healer who made the poison during the war isn't she? "

Kaida turned and looked at Huli, before she could say anything he stood right in front of her and grabbed her chin with his hand

"my queen I am not in the mood to entertain you, tell me everything"

She looked at Huli with her eyes low. where he was holding her was hurting her. The way He responded somewhat surprised her. He had never been so hostile to her. Normally she could still see a few emotions in his eyes but this time there was only emptiness to be seen.

She swallowed and said "my king, if you let me go I will tell you everything"

Huli looked at her and then slowly released her. He sat down on the sofa and waited for Kaida to take a seat next to him. When Kaida sat down next to him, he looked at her.

When Kaida was talking he listened attentively and occasionally his expression changed and there were various emotions in his eyes. When she finished telling, it was quiet for a while.


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