Can a dragon love a fox
134 Chapter 133
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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134 Chapter 133

"So that's why he did not know me, he lost his memory"

Kaida held her heart and was already prepared to defend and protect Jaya, but Huli was only talking about Tastu. He wanted to know if he had had a good life in those five years, if he is happy with Jaya and his children. All questions that Kaida didn't have the answer to.

Kaida took his hand and interrupted "My king, why don't you ask him yourself?"

Huli looked at Kaida and felt an emotion he didn't know coming over him. He stroked her hair and gave her a kiss on her forehead

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"my queen you are right. It is about time that I started working. Good luck with building. I will give u all the space you need "


"Where is the queen! Has anyone seen the queen ?! "

Kyro searched the ground where they were building. They had been building for almost six months and almost everything had already been built. The royal couple's house needed a few adjustments for which he needed Kaida approval.

A warrior walk up to him and kneeled down "Prince Kyro, Jaya told me to tell you that the queen has withdrawn to her tent to take a nap"

Kyro looked at the warrior with raised eyebrow. What's the matter with her? Recently she is tired and listless. Is this because she did not properly rest when she felt ill? Maybe it's better if she takes her rest. He nodded at the warrior and wanted to walk on.

He was stopped by the voice of a warrior from the fox tribe

"My lord Kyro, I am here with a message for the queen from the king"

The warrior of the dragon tribe walked over to the warrior of the foxes tribe and took the scroll roughly from his hands and said

"it is Prince Kyro"

Kyro put his hand on the shoulder of the warrior and shook his head

"I apologize for the behavior of my submissive, forgive him he is still young. I will make sure the queen gets his message "

The warrior of the foxes tribe laughed and nodded

"Prince Kyro we have all been young and it is clear that he has a lot of respect for you. I apologize for the earlier title "

he bowed and climbed his fox again. He nodded again and left.

"Ning you have to know that a title is just a title. Not because royal blood flows through my veins, I am more than another. Come withe me and see if the queen is already awake "

Ning and Kyro walked to Kaida's tent. There they saw that Jaya was walking back and forth eagerly with her hands in her hair. When she saw them walking, they quickly ran towards them then.

She grabbed Kyro by the shoulders and said "you are her cousin maybe you can calm her down! She and the king are fighting again and now the sadness has turned to anger! "

Kyro looked from Jaya to the tent and back. He released himself and walked quietly into the tent. He saw that Kaida was sitting angry at the table and playing with her heat. He sat down opposite her and laughed

"niece, what's wrong?"

She looked him in the eye and said, "That man makes me so tired! Every day he sends me messages, but he never says anything to me personally. Only business messages! And when I tell him that in a message, he doesn't understand what I mean "

Kyro looked at her and suddenly found her to look so much like Rei. She sometimes had such moodswings. In which situations did she have such moodswings again? If she was mad? Or was it sad? He didn't know anymore. He was taken out of his thoughts by the voice of Kaida

"Are you listening big brother! What is the scrol you have there? Another business message from my king "


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