Can a dragon love a fox
135 chapter 134
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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135 chapter 134

Kaida picked up the scroll and opened it and began to read it:

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"My queen, as indicated earlier, the councilors continue to talk about the behavior of your dragon.

She has now locked herself up in a mountain for weeks. Previously she was not a nuisance for the villagers, but for a few days now she has been spitting fire and she can be heared howling at night.

The area around the area has become too hot for the surrounding villages, many villagers has gone to other villages. I would like your advice on how to handle this.

P. S.: I am sorry, it is not that I do not miss you, because I do and mainly you smile.

When Kaida finished reading, she looked at Kyro with watery eyes. And before he knew it she started to sob

"he misses me"

Kyro sat uncomfortably at the table and kept looking at the opening of the tent, hoping that someone would come in to redeem him. But no matter how long he looked no one came. Just as he wanted to slip away, he heard Kaida's serious voice.

"Sorry i don't know what i have lately. It is time for me to hold onto Long's reins again. She has flown around long enough. Apparently it's time to take her home. Tell Jaya and Rei to get ready to leave "

Kyro nodded and left the tent quickly. There he saw that Rei had arrived and was talking to Jaya. He walked closer and heard Jaya say

"Rei I am telling you I think it is really like that and you can see it from the why her dragon is behaving too! If you look at her you can see all the phenomena, she is ... "

when she saw kyro getting closer she stopped talking and looked at him. Rei saw her look and then looked at him.

They both looked at him without saying anything.

Kyro began to feel uncomfortable again. He quickly passed on what Kaida had said and hurried away. He didn't understand anything about women!

Within minutes, they were ready and headed toward the dragons of Jaya and Rei. When the dragons saw Kaida coming, they layed down.

When Kaida was right in front of them she heard the voices of the two dragons. In chorus they said "greetings queen"

Kaida said, "Greetings, it's time we went and pick up Long. Since Long is not here I will travel with one of you together with your mistress. I hope you don't mind "

The dragons stood up and rubbed their nose over the face of Kaida. At the same time they said "it would be an honor queen"

Jaya and Rei climbed their dragon while Kaida gave Kyro a few more orders. She turned away and sat down behind Rei. When they were ready the dragons took off and flew away.

When they were on the road for half an hour she felt that the air around them became much hotter and in the distance they saw a dark cloud of smoke in the sky.

Kaida looked doubtfully into the distance and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes she was in the mountain with Long.

She looked at Long and it was visible that Long was irritated and she also seemed a bit anxious. Kaida approached her quietly

"Calm down Long, what is it that worries you? Don't worry I'm almost there "

Long looked at Kaida and quickly lay down as if she were protecting something. She raised her head and roared to Kaida.

"My mistress dont worry, I will solve this. It is not necessary to come in person, your thoughts are enough "


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