Can a dragon love a fox
136 Chapter 135
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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136 Chapter 135

Before Kaida could say anything, Long had broken the connection and, Kaid was behind Rei again. She wondered what Long meant by 'I will solve it'.

She was so deep in thought that she did not realize that they had already arrived at the entrance of the mountain.

She slipped off the dragon and walked to the entrance of the mountain. Just as she wanted to enter the entrance, a large flame approached her.

The heat of the flame was incredible and if Kaida had not absorbed part of the flame, part of the forest would certainly have been burned. It was clear that Long did not want anyone to enter the mountain.

With every move they took, Long spewed fire and it was impossible to enter the mountain. When they had been going at it for some time, Kaida became irritated.

She stood in the middle of the entrance and walked inside. When Long spewed fire again, she raised her hand and reflected it back to Long

"enough Long, stop it now"

When Long looked up and looked into Kaida's eyes, she saw that it glowed like fire and she had a cold-blooded look in her eyes. Long moaned and lowered her head. As Kaida approached her Long quickly lay down and stopped moving.

Kaida entered the mountain together with Jaya and Rei. As Kaida walked over to Long, Jaya and Rei looked around the mountain looking for what made Long so restless.

Kaida looked at Long and thought there was something strange about her. It seemed as if she was hiding something.

"Long what is going on"

Kaida's ice-cold voice shook Long, but instead of answering, she only looked at Kaida. They kept looking at each other without saying anything until Jaya wanted to go past Long. Long got up quickly and tried to hide something behind her body.

"Long stand still now"

Long could not go against Kaida's orders and stopped immediately. Kaida walked past her to Jaya. When she stood near Jaya, she saw that she was grinning stupidly.

"Why are you grinning like that?"

Jaya quickly grabbed her by the hand and guided her to a nest "congratulations your queen, as soon as we are back I will examine you. Do you remember when you had your last monthly bleeding? "

Kaida was surprised and looked surprised in the nest. There she saw two eggs. Is this real? Am I really blessed with not just one but two children in the first year? She looked at the dragon eggs but she felt that something was wrong. Why would Long behave like this when it was only a pregnancy?
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She looked at the nest again, and then it was noticeable that it was a big nest for two eggs. Is it not common for a dragon to make the nest as large as needed for the number of eggs? She glanced at Long, who was still acting weird.

She looked at Long and said

"Long is this why you behaved like that? Isn't it a bit extreme? You have chased the villagers away "

Long just looked at her and again didn't answer. Kaida raised her eyebrow and turned back to the nest. She walked closer and touched the eggs. Suddenly an emotion of lose and sorrow overwhelmed her.


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