Can a dragon love a fox
137 Chapter 136
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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137 Chapter 136

In the meantime, Long had stood up and tried to get away. When she realized that Kaida had touched the dragon eggs, she opened her mouth and tried to bite into something that was in her mouth.

Before she had the chance to close her mouth, she was chained with a chain of fire and she fell to the floor and could not move.

When Long fell down, another dragon egg rolled out of her mouth. The three looked surprised at Long, who was lying on the floor with a guilty look, and then they looked at the dragon egg. The dragon egg was visibly smaller than the other two dragon eggs and differed a lot in it temperature.

Jaya screamed and coverd her mouth with hands. Rei dropped to her knees and put her hands in her hair. Kaida was startled but kept her posture. She walked over to the dragon egg and touched it. It was weak, but she felt that there was still life in the dragon egg.

Long moaned and said, "my mistress throughout the tribe's history, three dragon eggs have never been laid at the same time. Every day I feel less life coming from the dragon egg. In addition, it is impossible that your body can give birth to three children. If I had not been so weak and had broken the dragon egg before, nobody would have suffered "

Kaida rubbed Long's nose "don't worry the dragon egg is still alive."

When Jaya and Rei heard that, they were surprised because they were convinced that the dragon egg no longer contained any life due to the low temperature it gave off.

They quickly recovered them self and hurried to Kaida. Jaya looked at her hesitantly and did not know if she should say what was in her head.

"Talk Jaya"

When she heard Kaida's voice she spoke in a soft tone "your queen despite the fact that the dragon egg still contains life I would advise you to release it from his suffering. This also increases the chance of a safe pregnancy and giving birth for you "

Kaida looked at Jaya and said in a Cold tone "as long as the dragon egg contains life, it life remains. I willl send a message to my aunt Rana, until she has a solution it is forbidden to talk about what happened here. "

Jaya and Rei nodded. Kaida turned to Long and took off the chain of fire.

"Long in a few days I will go to the other three tribe. I've seen the dragon eggs, you don't have to hide them anymore. It's time to leave them in the nest. If they dont survive, they simply weren't strong enough "

Kaida picked up the dragon egg and felt a warm feeling. When they placed the dragon egg by the other two dragon eggs, the earlier feeling of loss and sorrow disappeared and it was moved by a happy and joyfull feeling. Kaida smiled at the dragon eggs
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"So it was because you two were not complete"

She went to Long and climbed on her back and went outside. Outside, Jaya and Rei were ready to leave. Rei looked at Kaida and asked "what are we goin to tell to the king?"

Kaida thought about it and said "nothing yet, only when we have received notice from my aunt and beside it is my sister's wedding. All revolves around her "

She looked back again and then rose with Long followed by Jaya and Rei.


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