Can a dragon love a fox
138 Chapter 137
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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138 Chapter 137

Kaida walked with Jaya on the streets of the tribe, they were on their way to the gates of the tribe. She was deep in thought, the annual fox festival was six months ago.

Until now they had not found out who stole the dragon egg and where the dragon was now. And the news that she was pregnant with not one but three children was still too unreal for her.

Since she knew she was pregnant, she suddenly suffered from all kinds of ailments, which made it difficult to conceal it.

In the morning she was sick and she could sleep all day. She suddenly had a desire for Huli and regularly visited him in his office.

When she got to his study he was mainly working and she slept more on the sofa than they actually had a conversation.

Several times she almost told hem, and she found it hard not to tell Him. Therefor she was happy that the day had come to visit the other three tribes.

They would first travel to the East to visit the snake tribe, from there they would travel further south with a envoy of the snake tribe to visit the familiar dragon tribe. Then she would travel to the West with Kenta and the envoy of the snake tribe to reach the wolf tribe.

When they arrived at the gates, they saw that Nana had already arrived. Next to her was a large light brown fox with seven tails. Nana saw that they were coming and stood up. When Jaya and Kaida stopped in front of her, Nana bowed.

"Your highness it is an honor to be able to accompany you on this journey"

Kaida looked at Nana and saw the obvious difference in her attitude. Where she had previously taken an arrogant and mean attitude, she now had a more open and respectful attitude towards Kaida.

Kaida nodded to Nana and said "it takes three hours to fly to the east on a dragon, how long is it on a fox? "

Nana noted that Kaida still had a reserved attitude towards her and could understand that. But the more she looked at Kaida, the more she thought she looked different. She seemed a bit fuller and she had a glow over her.

"Your highness Jia is one of the fastest foxes of our tribe alongside Fu. I will do my best to keep up with you. But by air is faster than by land and at normal pace it takes 5 hours to drive to the East "

Kaida thought for a moment and then said "Jaya will fly forward to keep an eye on the surroundings, if there is anything she will come and tell us. Kayra has mapped out the fastest routes we can take. I propose that we leave now so that we will be at the snake tribe before sunset "

Nana nodded and climbed up on Jia. Kaida put her fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly. Within a few seconds, Long came and landing for Kaida. Long layed down so that Kaida could climb on her back more easily.

"Long how are the dragon eggs"

Long stood up and spread her wings "well your queen, amazingly the temperature of the smallest dragon egg has risen a few degrees"

Kaida smiled and rubbed Long's back "that's good, it takes a while until we reach the dragon tribe and can talk to my aunt. Don't worry, we will find a suitable solution. Let's go "

Nana and Jaya had already left when Kaida and Long took off and flew towards them. When Kaida joined them, Jaya flew higher and she started flying faster until she disappeared into the distance.

Kaida flew alongside Nana and noticed that Nana and Jia could keep up with her and Long. All the way it was quiet between Nana and Kaida until nana spoke.

"Your highness I think it is better to fly higher now, within a few minutes we will approaching the forest. I don't know what it's like to fly and avoid the trees. "
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Kaida laughed "don't worry, we have bigger forests in the dragon tribe and we fly through that. I think it will be okay "


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