Can a dragon love a fox
139 Chapter 138
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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139 Chapter 138

Nana was not convinced and insisted "your highness that are the forests that you know. Do you not want to explore the forests in the north before you fly through them with great speed "

Kaida noted that Nana said it with good intentions, but her character only saw it as an even greater challenge and insisted on flying through the forest. She smiled and said

"Shall we make a bet?"

Nana skeptically looked at her "what kind of bet?"

Kaida went flying closer to her and said "That Long and I will fly out of this forest faster than you and Jia can run out it"

Nana didn't want to run the risk of delay because they had a task, but she couldn't help being curious about the outcome and she was only too happy to take on the challenge.

"Okay deal, what do you want if you win"

Kaida laughed and said "if I win you help me get the king's mother out of the palace"

Nana thought, it is understandable that she wants Haya away. Maybe it's also time for Haya to accept their marriage. They have been married for almost seven months anyway and it is clear that Huli was a different person. Especially now that Tatsu was back. Maybe it was time that everyone went om with their life.

She nodded and said "I agree, if I win I would like to know your part in the war"

Before Kaida could answer, Long flew to one side to avoid a tree. Nana saw Long accelerate and effortlessly fly past the trees. She urged Jia to run faster and then focused on leaving the forest.

Kaida had a big smile on her face. She felt the wind through her hair and enjoyed racing through the forest. The trees in the forest of the foxes tribe were nothing compared to those of the dragon tribe.

In the north the trees were small and thin, barely wide enough to climb. While the trees in the south were large and tall. Wide enough to climb with four people, long enough to touch the clouds.

The forest was large and it took at least half an hour to get out of the forest. Nana and Kaida went neck to neck and they seemed to go at the same speed. Because they were so busy with their race, they did not care which route they took.

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Kaida was out of the forest a few seconds earlier than Nana and started laughing beside her. "Wow Jia is so fast! You could easily keep up with us! "

Nana was laughing too "I enjoyed myself, it's my fault to keep underestimate your skills. You have my word that I will stick to our agreement "

Suddenly a wild Jaya met them "why did you go this route! Do you know how long I've been looking for you! This route can only be taken with a dragon. Ahead of us is a canyon that is miles wide. "

Nana and Kaida stopped and looked guilty at Jaya. Nana thought and then said "as long as it is not a sea I could get across. There is not a single north wind that can not carry us people of the fox tribe "

Kaida looked surprised at Nana and wanted to know what she meant, but before she could say anything, Jaya said

"Princess Nana are you sure? We would surely save traveling time as we immediately crossed the canyon cause its the East border. We have now been on the road for two hours, when we cross the border it will take another half an hour to travel "

Nana nodded and looked into the distance "how much is the distance between here and the canyon?

"At least ten miles away"

Nana looked at Jaya and Kaida and laughed "that is more than enough I advise you to fly far ahead or to fly behind me, since there will be a powerful windstorm over here"

Kaida hesitated, but when she saw Nana's determined gaze, she nodded, "Jaya you fly ahead as agreed, I would fly behind so that we have eyes on both sides"


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