Can a dragon love a fox
140 Chapter 139
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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140 Chapter 139

When Jaya was away for a few minutes, Kaida suddenly felt a strong whirlwind pass by. It was so strong that Long had to make an effort not to be dragged by the whirlwind.

The moment the whirlwind passed Nana and Jia, they drove away at great speed.

Kaida and Long had trouble keeping up with them because of the whirlwind and they only seemed to go faster and faster.

They were a few meters from the canyon and kaida became more nervous with every meter. Especially when she saw the width of the canyon. It was at least five miles wide and she didn't want to know how deep it was.

She looked at Nana and Jia in the distance with holding her breath. When they reached the edge of the canyon, Jia jumped and it seemed as if they were being pulled by the whirlwind.

The image that Kaida saw was breathtakingly beautiful. Jia looked mighty because of the way she had jumped so smoothly and without fear. While Nana looked powerful and beautiful with her determined look.

Kaida saw Nana and Jia effortlessly reach the other side and quickly flew after them. There she joined Nana and Jaya. She heard Jaya praising her for her amazing driving skills.

"Thanks for the compliments but this is nothing a well-trained fox and warrior easily jumps over a canyon of a width of 20 miles. With the help of the whirlwind and the speed, it seems like we are flying over it. The king and Fu hold the record of jumping over a canyon the width of 30 miles "

Kaida looked surprised at Nana, whose attitude was so visibly different. She had a blush on her cheeks and laughed shyly with her arm behind her back. In addition, she was open and spoke nice. Was this the real Nana?

Jaya shook her head and said "honor who deserves honor! I did not know that the foxes of the fox tribe could do this! And this shows that you are also a well-trained warrior and have a well-trained fox! "

Nana's smile disappeared and she started driving again

"this is not something I trained for but what I learned during the war. Mrs Jaya and your Queen lets continue on our way so that we can enjoy a little bit of rest a bit faster "

The atmosphere changed and Jaya and Kaida realized that it was not a pleasant memory for Nana. They decided not to say anything and to just follow Nana.



"Mama hold on we are almost there!"

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Nana and Jia drove quickly through the woods. Her long hair fluttered in the wind while she held a woman firmly with one hand. The woman had her eyes half open, showing her light green eyes. She had brown-blonde long curls that hung down Jia's fur.

The woman's clothes were bloodied and a few drops of blood ran down her mouth. Her face was pale and her lips lost their red color. The woman squeezed her hand and felt the piece of fox fur. tears fell down her eyes and she began to sob, she tried to talk but no sound came out.

"Mom saves you strength I know your heart has been broken by the loss of your fox. Even my heart can hardly bear it. I am sorry that I came too late "

The woman felt Nana's tears on her face. She brought her hand to Nana's cheek and stroked it. she said with difficulty "Nana let go of me, throw me off Jia, I'm just slowing you down.. I can feel the life sliping away from me"

Before Nana could answer, she felt an arrow fly past her, which she could hardly avoid. The arrows flew past her within seconds. One of them scraped her arm, and she almost lost her balance. As a result, she lost control of her mother and her mother fell of the back of Jia.

With a quick movement, she took her mother's hand. her mother was now hanging on Jia's side, which only exposed her to danger. Because she had to dodge the arrows, she did not have the strength to pull her mother up again and she became more desperate by the minute.


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