Can a dragon love a fox
141 Chapter 140
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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141 Chapter 140

Nana was so busy trying to pull her mother up that she was less alert. Her mother saw an arrow coming straight at Nana.

Nana however, did not realize this and was only concerned with bringing her mother to safety.

When the arrow almost hit her, a strong cold wind flew passed Nana. The wind was so cold that it turned everything into ice, and the strength of the wind made the ice fly through the air like swords. All arrows were banned by the wind.

Nana used the distraction to pull her mother up. She saw that she was followed by warriors on a snake, a wolf and A fox. She cursed the traitors of the tribes. How great is your greed that you yourself deny the pride of your tribe.

"Nana mama is tired, let me go. You are injured and you cannot go on like this. Why did you come back? We are approaching a canyon and since you never left the north I don't think you will be able to cross it "

Nana looked up and looked behind her. Her pursuers were getting closer and closer, and since she went against her orders, she was all alone and no one could come to her rescue. She saw her mother close her eyes. She gently shook her mother

"Mother is there a way to cross the canyon?"

Her mother struggled to open her eyes "there is not a single north wind that can not carry us people of the fox tribe. Only people who are not worthy the wind will not carry. However, it is the task of the warrior to find his or her north wind. It is different from the cold you give off, it is different than just a ride on the back of your fox. It is about mutual trust an unbreakable bond between you and your fox. Ensure a good start and ...… "

Nana heard her mothers voice soften and then suddenly it was quiet, she saw that her mother had lost consciousness.

Nana looked around but was unable to figure out where she was due to panic. She was upset and did not know what to do. She didn't know what her mother meant

"Calm down my mistress and try to think carefully about your mother's words. It would do us no good to be distracted "

When Nana heard Jia's thoughts, she calmed down somewhat. Nana was only 14 years old and had never been in such a situation.

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She was lucky that her father had given her combat training from an early age. He thought that even though she was a girl, she had to be able to save herself, especially because she was her parents' heir.

Nobody, however expected that she would be a natural talent and that she would be chosen for the elites of the younger generation. Together with the sons of the Lords who had high ranks in the army.

Her father didn't have a low rank either, so it didn't come as a surprise to many. the fact that she was a girl though did.

Nana was finally calm and then noticed where she was. They would indeed approach a canyon, but that was certainly another fifty miles. Jia ran a mile within two minutes, which meant that she would arrive at the canyon within an hour and a half.

At that time she had to try to find out what her north wind was and to avoid her pursuers

She thought about it and knew for sure that her trainer had said something about it during training. Why did she decide precisely during that t raining to only b

have eyes for Huli!

He who didn't even think she was worthy of a glance and just thought she was a burden.


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