Can a dragon love a fox
142 Chapter 141
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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142 Chapter 141

She thought of all her setbacks and obstacles that had caused Huli to mark her as worthless.

She remembered all the evenings she had secretly trained in the evening so that she did not lose control of her cold again.

How she had practiced sword fighting for hours. But it had made absolutely no impression on Huli.

Nana was so upset that she didn't realize that wind was starting to gather around her and Jia was starting to run faster and faster.

Her thoughts kept her busy and now she thought of her parents. She always fought with her mother because she was being scolded.

She felt she couldn't do anything right in her mother's eyes. She did not hold her sword well, her strokes and kicks were not powerful enough and she and Jia were not fast enough. But now she looked down at her mother's pale face and saw only the times she comfort her.

If she did not hold her sword properly, her mother showed her how to hold her sword. When her strokes or kicks were not powerful enough, she advised how nana could make hers more powerful. To make her and Jia faster, her mother and her fox would ran with her every morning.

Nana noticed that every time she had a setback or sadness she pulled back to Jia. Yes, even if everyone were against her, Jia would always be there for her. She and Jia could handle everything, she was sure of it.
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The moment Nana knew what her shortcomings were and she was sure of her relationship with Jia, a strong whirlwind flew past her, causing her pursuers to be blown away. Nana and Jia shot ahead and she seemed to be at the edge of the canyon within minutes.

"Jia let's go for it"

Jia and Nana jumped over the canyon without fear as if they had done it more often. She just passed to get to the other side and Nana's heart jumped down her throat. She looked behind her and saw that her pursuers were still down. she quickly drove into the dark.

When she was sure they were not being followed, she looked for a hiding place. Soon she found a large cave in which she could hide. Jia was laying and guarded the entrance. Nana had made a fire in the cave and looked at her mother.

Her mother was still not awake and became paler by the minute and her lips discolored. Nana knew she had to assume the worst, but she still had hope. When she saw her mother's eyelids move, she hurried to her mother.



Her mother moaned her name and looked with her hand if she could feel her. Nana grabbed her mother's arm with her two hands and grabbed her hand

"here I am mommy, I managed to cross the canyon"

Her mother laughed and slowly opened her eyes "then it is time for me to accompany Xin, even though I do it with pain in my heart. But I was determined to keep breathing until you were safe "

Nana cried and begged her mother "Mommy please stay with me"

Her mother squeezed her hand "my child the only sure thing we have in this life is that we will die. Stop crying and let your mother go peacefully and without worries. As the heir to the title ruler of our tribe you should be strong. Talk to me until I go "

Nana swallowed her tears and wiped her cheeks "I will not disappoint you mother, what would you like to talk about?"

Her mother started to smile and her eyes started to shine "have I ever told you how proud I am of you?

Her mother kept talking about why she was proud of Nana and the past, she told about her childhood and how she had fallen in love with Nari. Nana heard her mother's voice soften and the grip around her hand became loose until it slid out of Nana's hand.


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