Can a dragon love a fox
143 Chapter 142
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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143 Chapter 142

Nana looked at her mother and saw that she had blown out her last breath. She walked out of the cave and saw that the sun was about to rise. She just wanted to go back into the cave until she saw something in the distance. She narrowed her eyes and focused.
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In the distance, she saw a person with a red-gold armor jump smoothly from tree to tree. Every time the person jumped his or her hair fluttered through the air and it was as red as fire. She saw that the person had a sword in every hand.

Before she knew it, a snake with its mouth wide open approached the person from out of the forest. The person avoided the snake effortlessly and cut the snake a few times with the swords until the snake fell down.

The person had just finished with the snake when he or she was surrounded on both side by a fox and a wolf. Just before they were in reach of the person, the environment became so hot that the forest caught fire. The fox and the wolf were on fire and howled with pain.

The person hurried to the fox and quickly chopped his head off, the person turned around and threw the other sword towards the wolf at a fast speed. The person's sword pierces the wolf in his heart and it died instantly.

Nana looked at the person in surprise. I think it's a girl and is she younger than me? Which tribe would she be from? Would it be the dragon tribe? I think she used heat.

Suddenly she put her hands to her mouth. Were those not the animals of my pursuers? Where were their masters then?

Nana hid herself and observed the person. The person explored the area and came closer and closer to the cave. Nana didn't know if she should flee or stay. She preferred to flee to what she had just seen. She knew she was certainly unable to beat the person.

Just as the person wanted to continue walking 2 other people came down.

"Princess why did you leave us behind, did you forget that we were not allowed to leave the south! We are now in the west what if Uncle finds out "

The person in the red-gold armor gestured that the person who spoke should be silent "we will discuss this later"

in a louder tone, the person said, "I don't know who is hiding here, but your pursuers and their animals are defeated. There is a scent of death in the air, without difficulties you can take the body of your warrior to your tribe. He could be buried in an honorable way. My condolences with the loss "

when the person was finished, she left with the other two people. Nana wiped the tears from her face and walked into the cave. Now that the coast was safe, she wanted to leave as soon as possible and go back north. Since she had never left the north, she wasn't sure she would find her way back.

But she knew for sure that she and Jia would work it out. Since she now knew she was in the west, she knew which way to go. Using the sun, she made a compass to make sure she was heading in the right direction.

She wrapped her mother in her cloak and tenderly placed her over Jia. Then she climbed her back on Jia and rode into the distance.

she did not know what would happen to her if she would be back since she had gone against her received orders. But she didn't think about it, she needed to reach the north as quickly as possible


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