Can a dragon love a fox
144 Chapter 143
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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144 Chapter 143

When they arrived at the gates of the snake tribe, Salmus was waiting for them. As they approached, they saw that behind him were a lot of villagers. All three got off when they were near the gates.

Nana looked around and wondered why there were so many people to welcome them. She saw different people of all ages behind Salmus and everyone had something in their hand.

She noticed that most held onto small barrels.

When they stood in front of Salmus, the villagers began to cheer and called Kaida's name.

Salmus shook his head and said "the moment they heard you were coming, they were so busy preparing to receive you at the gates. You would almost think that you are the ruler of the snake tribe "

Salmus looked back and pretended that his heart was broken. The villagers saw that and they said

"no our king is great and we love him, but we have not forgotten the good deeds of the dragon princess. "

Kaida smiled at Salmus and walked towards the villagers "I am pleased to see you all in good condition. Let us make the best of it in the next two days "

As they walked towards the royal couple's house, Kaida was given various things by the villagers. She received flowers, jewelery but most off it was alcohol!

"Our dragon princess we know how much you love a good drink, take this to quench your thirst"

Nana looked surprised at the whole situation and did not know what she was seeing. It was visible that all the villagers had a lot of respect for Kaida and welcomed her with open arms. Then why do the people in the north think so bad about her?

Kaida looked around "where is Mamushi?"

"She is with the kids at the orphanage"

Kaida started to shine and changed direction "your king since we have arrived earlier there is still enough time to visit the orphanage right"


Mamushi sat on a chair in the middle of a large room. The room had light colors and large windows. A few children sat in front of her and listened carefully to the story she was telling. She just wanted to go further when she noticed that the orphanage was a bit noisy.

A 14-year-old girl came rushing into the room

"Your Queen the Dragon Princess is here!"

The children sitting on the floor jumped in joy and hurried out of the room. Mamushi watched them shaking her head and stood up slowly. She picked up the child who was crawling and walked to the garden of the orphanage.

From the balcony she watched Kaida greet all the children and give them presents. She suddenly looked closely at Kaida and began to grin. She hurried down the stairs and ran toward Kaida.

"How nice it seems that the gods ..."

Before she could talk further, Kaida put her hands on Mamushi's mouth and signaled that she should be quiet. Everyone looked questioningly at them and wanted to know what was going on. Mamushi laughed and said

"it is not meant for children's ears"

Kaida hugged her and said in her ear "when we are alone I tell you everything, now is not the right place"

Mamushi nodded and helped Kaida hand out the presents. When they were done with that, all the children wanted to know what her wedding had been like.
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Kaida told in scents and colors about her journey to the north and how her wedding had been. She also told what it felt like to be married to the Crown Prince of the Fox Tribe. Even though she made it look more fun than it sometimes was.


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