Can a dragon love a fox
145 Chapter 144
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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145 Chapter 144

Nana looked at everything in suprise and had so many questions. She didn't even notice that Salmus had come to stand beside her until he started talking

"You certainly did not expect this, right ?"

Nana looked up surprised and gave an honest answer "no, that's right everyone in the north calls her a weakling because she didn't show her face during the war. Every crown prince or crown princess was present during the war in the north except for her "

Salmus put his hand on Nana's shoulders "and why do you think that was? Who do you think was the one that liberated the East from the hands of the rebels? Every child here lost their parents because we fought in the north and had left our tribe with to little manpower. Had she not contradicted her uncle's word and came a day later we now would have been visiting their tombstones"


Kaida sat at a richly filled table in the dining room. Nana was on her right and Jaya was on her left. Opposite them were Salmus and Mamushi sitting next to them were a few official of the snake tribe.

In the middle stood a servant with a scroll in his hand. He unfolded the scroll and started reading

As a wedding gift, the foxes tribe is prepared to give 1 million gold bars to the wedding couple. 5000 meters of colored silk of the best quality. 3000 diamonds and as a sign of a union between the two tribes, two coats of fox fur

Salmus clapped his hands "the foxes tribe is generous, would it be because the queen's sister is getting married? "

Mamushi slapped Salmus on the back of his head and shook her head. "I apologize, you know Salmus likes jokes. We cannot, of course be left behind "
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She gave a servant a scroll. He unfolded it and started reading:

As a wedding gift, the snake tribe is willing to give 1 million gold bars to the wedding couple. 5000 meters of the softest white wool. 3000 crystal stones and as a sign of union between the tow tribes, two combat uniforms made of snakeskin

Kaida laughed "I see that not only the foxes tribe is generous with their wedding gifts. Im glad to hear that we did not choose the same gifts. It is time to relax, in two days we will visit my father "

Salmus and Mamushi raised their glasses and the rest of the people in the dining room followed. After everyone had taken a sip, it was time to eat.

Because Kaida did not want people to become suspicious because she was not drinking, Mamushi had made sure that there was berry juice in her barrel.

When Mamushi finally had the chance, she hurried to Kaida and sat down at their table. Kaida looked at her and saw that glitter in her eyes.

It was clear that she could no longer wait and wanted to know everything. Kaida didn't want Nana to know yet, so she suggested taking a walk in the garden.


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