Can a dragon love a fox
146 Chapter 145
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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146 Chapter 145

When Kaida and Mamushi were in the garden, Kaida told her everything. Mamushi looked with wide eyes at Kaida and then at her belly.

"You say that since your marriage you only had twice your monthly bleeding. That means that you have been pregnant for almost five months. However your body doesnt show it. Yes you are visibly fuller, especially at your hips and you shine but for the rest you don't see it "

Kaida pulled her to the side and looked around to see if they were really alone. She opened the ropes of her dress and showed her belly.

"Appearances deceive Mamu, it is that Jaya knows how to dress me, but it is becoming more and more visible. Huli himself made a comment "

Mamushi looked surprised at her belly and put her hand on it. With her belly clearly visible, it was clear to see that Kaida was pregnant. Yet Mamushi was still worried about the size of her belly.

If she expected a triplets, didn't her belly have to be bigger? She put the thoughts away and thought every pregnancy is different, it is not necessary to worry us unnecessarily.

"You are truly blessed, I am the envoy of the snake tribe so i will be traveling south with u all. I suggest discussing this with your aunt as soon as possible. Well now quickly close your dress before my nephews catch cold "

They were prepared to go in until Mamushi pulled her back "Red, what remark did he make?"

Kaida turned red and said "it was something when he saw me naked"

Laughing, they walked inside and kept chatting all night. Nana herself made an effort to get involved in the conversation and together the four ladies talked about anything and everything

The two days they spent in the fox tribe passed like a flash. Before they knew it it was time to leave again.

Because Kaida was known in the west and already knew the way to her birth tribe, Jaya had left earlier.

Jaya would visit Rana and discuss her findings about the condition of Kaida with her. They would then travel together to the tribe of the king of the dragon tribe. There Rana would also examine kaida and then they would look for a possible solution.

Mamushi noticed that Kaida looked pale and tired. She walked to Kaida and asked

"Is everything okay?"

Kaida looked up blurry and nodded "yes, just a little nauseous, I have been vomiting all morning. Nothing helps"

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Mamushi thought and then walked away, after a while she came back and gave Kaida a lemon. Kaida looked at her

"what should I do with this?"

"During my pregnancy, something acidic helped against nausea. I didn't try lemon myself but I couldn't find anything else "

Kaida looked at the sliced lemon with a raised eyebrow. Her stomach was so empty that the lemon itself looked tasty.

She was so hungry but couldn't eat anything, everything came out. She looked at the lemon and despite the fact that she never really liked lemons, she thought it was worth a try.

She doubtfully took a bite and started chewing on it. Was it because she was hungry or because she was pregnant, but why was that lemon so tasty? Before she knew it, she had eaten the whole lemon. And she no longer felt sick.

"Thank you Mamu! I feel much better, don't forget to bring enough lemons for our journey "

Mamushi stood up and laughed "I'm going to pack them now so we can leave immediately"


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