Can a dragon love a fox
147 chapter 146
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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147 chapter 146

Kaida was sleeping on Long's back while Mamushi and Nana were riding next to her. Nana looked at her and said

"I don't understand how she can stay asleep, we are going at such a fast pace"

Mamushi laughed "she's used to it and Long's back is so wide that she wouldn't fall off easily. Plus this is a road she has traveled more than 1000 times, nothing to worry about. "

When Mamushi and San stopped, Nana looked surprised. There was no tree to be seen, only sand. Even in the distance Nana just kept seeing sand. While they stopped, Long kept on going and flew over the sand with Kaida.

"This is the desert border from the east to the south. The South is different from the east, it is warm there all year round and they have rainy season. With every mile we are closer to the south, the sand will also become hotter. I propose that You put ice on Jia's feet and keep refilling them every time "

Nana nodded "that's fine, this is the first time I have seen a desert. Are you and San fine with the heat of the sand?"

Mamushi laughed "that's the reason I went as envoy, my family only has sand snakes. I grew up in the desert. "

Nana looked surprised at Mamushi and again at the desert. "But I only see sand? willl we meet your family, And does every border has a desert? "

"No, not every border has a desert. The water boundary is from the east to the west, which is guarded by the water snakes and the tree boundary from the west to the north is guarded by the tree snakes "

Nana thought "who will guard the desert border?"

Mamushi looked at her with a doubtful look and said

"my father"

Nana was surprised "your father? But why do the snakes tribe guard the borders and not another tribe? "

Mamushi sighed it was clear that Nana had traveled little and had more knowledge about the north than other tribes

"that is the debt that the snake tribe has to pay off after the war. As you know, it were the snakes that first crossed all borders. Although it was Salmus's brother who revolted, he still feels responsible for it "

Nana was silent, it was true that agreements had been made between the four tribes after the war, but she had no interest in knowing that at all. Because at first she was sure that she would not be visiting the other tribes.

Mamushi slipped through the sand together with san "let's go, I think Long is already in the south, remember to keep refilling the ice. The warmth of the sun is no joke. And let us pray to the gods that we will not come across the border guard "

Nana did what Mamushi told her to do and followed her. She looked ahead and wondered why Mamushi did not want to see the border guard.

Occasionally she saw Mamushi and San disappear in the sand and then come up again. It was clear that the two belonged here.

They had already been on the road for half an hour and it became much hotter. Jia started to run slower and it was clear that she and Nana were having a hard time. Nana was happy that she had wore her training uniform because if she had worn a dress she would not have survived.

"We are almost to the south, when we are in the forest it gets a little cooler"

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She looked at Mamushi and could not understand how she could effortlessly disappear into the sand without burning herself. She was admiring them so much that she did not realize that the sand in front of her was starting to sink.

She looked ahead and saw something in the distance, it was small, but she could see the forest. She urged Jia to go faster. But just as she wanted to continue their way, the way was blocked and a large snake with two heads emerged from the sand.


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