Can a dragon love a fox
148 Chapter 147
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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148 Chapter 147

Jia's front legs went up in the air, Nana was surprised by this and lost her grip and fell of Jia's back. Just when Nana was about to hit the sand, Mamushi and San came out of the sand. Nana recovered and landed on San's back with both feet.

"Father and Lin it is been a while"

Nana looked up and saw a man standing on one of the two heads. He was a muscular man of at least 1.90 cm. He had dark purple hair that touched his shoulders. His eyes were light purple and they looked surreptitiously at Nana and Mamushi.

The snake on which he stood was lilac on the underside and became increasingly darker purple towards the two heads. The man raised his eyebrow

"father? As far as I know I only have four children and all four are now in their parental home "

Mamushi swallowed " Lord Manchu, the Queen of the Snake Tribe greets you. I am accompanied by the fox tribe's envoy. Princess Nana and the second general of the king's army. We would like to cross the border to visit the king of the dragon tribe "

The man crossed his arms and ran his hand over his goatee

"mmm why should I let you through?

Nana looked from Mamushi to Manchu and back. She grabbed Mamushi's arm and whispered in her ear
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"what's wrong, isn't this your dad"

Mamushi looked at Nana and smiled bitterly "that is indeed my father, but he has cast me away since I decided to leave the desert. I am the first of my sand-snake tribe to ever leave the tribe, and they blame Salmus for that. But he is the king so they can't do much to him "

Nana turned to Manchu "My lord we are on our way to present the wedding gifts to the other tribes for the wedding of the second princess of the dragon tribe and the crown prince of the wolf tribe. It would not further delay us if we were allowed to cross the border "

Manchu took his arms apart and laughed

"what do I have to do with that? I am only concerned about whether you are worthy to cross the border. It is clear that one of you knows how to leave the desert. You know what? if you two can hold out to me in this heat until the sun is slightly lower, you may pass "

Nana and Mamushi looked at each other. The sun had been at its highest for a while now, but it would certainly take another hour before it would set a little lower.

It was not a difficult task for Mamushi if it was only about to be able to hold out in the sun. But she knew her father's strength, and Nana and Jia were exhausted by the heat and it was important to take them to a cooler area.

"Fath .. my lord Manchu, Princess Nana is not used to this heat it is better if .."

Mamushi was interrupted by the sand that flew through the air, because her father's snake slammed its tail in the sand

"it is that or nothing"

Before the two could react, he was swamped under the sand and he was nowhere to be seen. Nana seized the opportunity to quickly refill the ice on Jia's feet and went back on Jia's back. She wiped the drops of sweat from her forehead and looked around alertly.

Mamushi was also alert and looked around. If her father was above the sand they still had a chance, but once he was in the sand nobody knew what his next step would be.

Suddenly the sand sinks under Mamushi and Nana. San avoided the hole by diving in the sand and Jia quickly jumped aside. But it was as if they were trapped, because the sand sank everywhere.

In the meantime, there was no trace of Manchu and they were looking for a place where the sand would not collapse.


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