Can a dragon love a fox
149 Chapter 148
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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149 Chapter 148

Nana and Mamushi had been avoiding the holes for ten minutes and it was visible that the heat was getting too much for Nana and Jia. They became slower and slower and needed more and more effort to be able to avoid the holes.

Just as Nana and Jia wanted to avoid a hole, a snake's head came out of the sand and grabbed a tail from Jia. The snake pulled Jia into the sand by its tail, while Jia struggled to keep standing.

Mamushi hurried to Nana, but because she was less alert she did not see that the second snake's head had also come out of the sand. When San's tail was within reach, the snake's head grabbed it and pulled it into the sand.

The two were dragged further and further into the sand and could not defend themselves. They were almost completely drawn into the sand until they suddenly saw two fireballs flying towards them. The fireballs hit the two snake heads in the sand, causing them to release Jia and San.

Jia and Nana quickly jumped up out of the sand and San and Mamushi slipped effortlessly up. When they looked up, they saw sparks of fire shooting past them. But before the sparks could hit the ground, a wall made of sand blocked them.

When the sand fell, they saw that Manchu reappeared and looked up as he stood on his snake


Nana and Mamushi looked up and saw Kaida standing on Long's back. She was now wearing the dragon tribe's clothes

"Lord Manchu can you explain to me why I had to travel all the way back from my tribe to the border to pick up my two traveling companions? Maybe I should visit the elders and say that you are not doing your job well? "

Manchu narrowed his eyes. Those annoying elders had been high on her since Kaida freed them during the war. And everyone knew that the elders listened to her. It is well known that the elders did not want two strong wairrors to marry. Yet the two strongest married seven months ago.

He just looked at Kaida and saw that she was no longer the little girl who hung on his legs because she liked his two-headed snake. He liked kaida and he was happy that he could have kept his daughter with him a little longer, so he did not want to delay the any further.

"Your highness that is not necessary I was just playing with them, they are free to continue their way"

Kaida looked suspiciously at him but let it go. "I wish you a good day, lord Manchu."

She turned to Nana and Mamushi "let's go, they're already expecting us"

Nana nodded and quickly ran away on Jia. Mamushi looked back at her father and then slipped away with San.

Manchu looked at them and the surly look disappeared. With a sad look he looked at Mamushi's back.

Shortly after they were gone, a snake rose next to Manchu. A slender woman of 1.75 cm stood on the snake. She had curly light green hair and green eyes.

"My dear, why was that necessary? Were you not happy to see your oldest daughter"

Manchu looked sadly at the woman. "Nuo I just wanted our daughter to stay a little longer, she is now so far from us"

Nuo jumped on the other snake's head and took his hand.

"I know you're not good with your words, but try. Nobody knew that the boy we saved was the lost prince, it's not their fault that they fell in love. And what do you mean far? Do you think I don't know that you regularly visit our grandchildren! "
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Manchu laughed "let's go"


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