Can a dragon love a fox
150 Chapter 149
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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150 Chapter 149

Kaida was lying on her bed in her old chamber . She had stretched her arm so that Rana could take her pulse. When Rana had done that, she felt with her hands on diffrent palces with on Kaida's belly.
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"Tell me the exact time of your monthly bleeding after your marriage"

Kaida thought "the first was after the annual fox festival about two and a half weeks after the wedding, the second was a month after that. Only these two I had "

Rana helped her up "mmm was your second monthly bleeding on time, sooner or later?"

"It was on time aunt"

Rana rubbed her chin "mmm then you are 5.5 months pregnant. So longer than we thought. If I knew this I would have advised you not to make the journey "

Kaida was playing with her fingers and hesitantly asked "why aunt? Do I have to worry? "

Rana rubbed Kaida hair and laughed "no my dear, your pulse is good and your stomach feels good too. But there are indeed more than two, as you have seen with your mother. A pregnancy of a multiple birth is often shorter than a pregnancy of a single birth. And now there are not two but three "

Kaida looked at her belly and rubbed it. It seemed to have grown more in the last few days

"Auntie I wouldn't want to miss my sister's wedding. I will go straight back to the fox tribe after the wedding "

She wanted to ask her aunt something, but she closed her mouth. She was afraid to hear the answer. Does she want to know? What if it wasn't something she wanted to hear.

Rana saw that Kaida was left with something and said "I cannot promise that everything will be fine. There are a lot of risks involved. In the worst case, you lose a child or your life, but there is a chance that everyone will keep their life "

Kaida looked surprised at her aunt "really auntie, how then?"

Her aunt hesitated before answering "remember the procedure I had done by your mother when Kimia was laying wrong. Even though I did the procedure once, in recent years I have studied how I can perfect the procedure. I am sure I could practice the procedure again. But again I can't make any promises since the success of the procedure depends on several factors "

"What factors auntie?

Rana took her hand and looked at her "the most important thing is that I need to be there on time when you are about to give birth, so I have agreed with your uncle that I will be staying with you in the north. I will be there in a month. I hope you will be able to reach the minimum of 7 months. Now that Tatsu is back, there are enough healers to ensure that the children and you survive. And no stress and especially no liquor! "

Kaida rubbed the tears on her cheeks away "thank you auntie, as long as there is a chance I am happy"

Rana squeezed her hand and got up to walk out of the chamber. But Suddenly she turned around and said

"ow yes before i forget, it is allowed to have intercourse, but in moderation and not too rough. What was the intercourse like in the past few days? "

Kaida's cheeks turned red with shame, but she acted as if the words did nothing to her and said casually

"nothing more than is healthy for a newly-married couple, I would certainly follow your advice"

They were interrupted by the knock on the door. The door opened and Jaya came in

"Teacher and your highness everyone is waiting for you at the square, as soon as you have arrived everyone can start eating."

When Kaida got up from her bed, Jaya came closer and arranged her dress so that her belly was well covered. With a worried look, she said

"Do you really think no one will notice?" Everyone knows that you wear your combat uniform more than a dress. In addition, you can drink more than your father, won't your father notice it if you don't drink anything now? "

Kaida walked past Jaya smilingly "don't worry, I think he already knows"


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