Can a dragon love a fox
151 Chapter 150
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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151 Chapter 150

Kaida walked into the square and looked around with loving eyes, she had not been at the square for so long.

This was The square which contains both good and bad memories. The square where everyone of the dragon tribe ate and were together for the most times.

The square was gracefully decorated because the wedding of the second princess of the dragon tribe. The tables on the square was richly filled with a lot off barrels full of alcohol. At the tables the people were talking and laughing.

When everyone saw that Kaida had arrived, the people that were chattering began to cheer loudly.

"The crown princess is back"

" ow my look how much she looks like the late Queen now she is all grown up "

"Let's see who can drink the most this time!"

"Is the dragon fight being held tonight?"

A little boy of about 6 years old came running to her. He had black hair with red strands, the front of his hair was completely red. When he arrived before Kaida, he embraced her and looked up. His left eye was the black color of his father and his right eye was the red color of his mother.

"Big sister I have not seen you for so long, and you have grown fat! My hands do not fit arround you anymore "

Kaida quickly dropped to her knees and put her hand over her brother's mouth and laughed uncomfortably. She whispered in his ear

"Kyon, if you keep this secret from me, I'll teach you how to make a sea of fire. You know that most can only learn this when they are ten years old "

Kyon's eyes started to sparkle, but he wasn't convinced. If she would teach him this while he couldn't even raise his heat to burn a forest, it was a big secret.

Everyone in the dragon tribe knew the risks if someone wanted to make a sea of fire if one coudln't even regulate his heat properly.

Although he could control his heat very good and burning a forest was easy for him , he wanted to learn something else, something he only saw his big sister could do.

People say Kaida learnt it from their Mother, but Kyon could not remember her. From the paintings he know how she looked, and he could faint remember the songs she sang, but that was all.

"Mm sister isn't that dangerous? Although I am a natural talent, you dont even know how well I can control my heat. I would really like to learn more how to fight with two swords "

Kaida was sweating and nodded quickly " Deal, now guided me to my table!"

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Kyon smiled broadly and grabbed her by the hand. "Come on, as a great uncle, I would guide my nephew or niece in your belly well"

When Kaida, Rana and Jaya heard the words of Kyon, they tensely walked to their table. Rana sat down next to Kai, while Jaya sat down next to Kaida, her brother sat down in front of her and turned to their father

"Daddy can I sit at Big Sister's table? I missed her so much!"

Zuko looked at his oldest daughter and youngest son and laughed proudly

"that is fine as long as you behave, otherwise one of the nursing women will bring you back to your room"

Kaida looked around and searched for Nana, but Nana was not sitting at the table. She tapped Jaya

"where is Nana?"

Jaya pointed to the table of the branch family "she is sitting next to Rei's older brother, since the three of you have arrived those two have been together. They have a good click "

Kaida looked at the branch family table and saw that Nana was indeed sitting at that table. She sat next to a muscular young warrior. He had short black curly hair and a charming smile on his face as he looked at Nana.

Nana was sitting at the table with red cheeks and a shy smile on her face. She had put her hair up with a dragon pin and was wearing a traditional dress from the dragon tribe.


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