Can a dragon love a fox
152 Chapter 151
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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152 Chapter 151

Kaida looked at what Nana was wearing and smiled. well that's a suprise. she didnt where the traditional clothes of the snake tribe. why did she choose to wear the traditional clothes of the dragon tribe?

"Who prepared her for dinner?"

Jaya scooped food on her plate and said without looking up

"at the request of Renjiro, the women from the branch family prepared her for dinner"

While Kaida was feeding her little brother, she looked a few times at Nana and Renjiro, who were having a great time. She did not expect Nana to be so open and social during the trip since their first meeting was not a successful one.

She looked forward again when she heard her father's voice

"my firstborn would you do me the honor of drinking a glass with me before we present the wedding gifts"

Kaida looked sweatily at her father and laughed tense. She grabbed the barrel for her and poured a little into her glass. She pretended to pour the glass full, but in fact she only added a small layer. She raised her glass and gave a small smile

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"it would be a honor, father"

At together at the same time they took a sip of their glass. Kaida looked surprised at her father, who gave her a wink. There was no alcohol in the barrel in front of her the and when she looked at her father it was already clear that he knew she was pregnant.

When Kaida was done drinking, she put down her glass and got up with a sroll and unfolded it and read aloud:

As a wedding gift, the foxes tribe is willing to give 1 million gold bars to the wedding couple. 5000 meters of colored sides of the best quality. 3000 diamonds and as a sign of a union between the two tribes two coats of fox fur.

Zuko nodded "not bad I think your sister will be happy with it."

When Kaida sat down, Mamushi stood up and bowed

"greetings king of the dragon tribe."

After her greeting, she unfolded the scroll that she had in her hands and read aloud:

As a wedding gift, the snake tribe is willing to give 1 million gold bars to the wedding couple. 5000 meters of the softest white wool. 3000 crystal stones and as a sign of union between the tow tribes, two combat uniforms made of snakeskin

Zuko nodded again "both the foxes tribe and the snake tribe are very generous in giving wedding gifts. Since it is my second daughter who is getting married, I double the amount"

He gestured to Kenta that it was his turn to speak. Kenta stood up with a sroll in his hand, unfolded it, and read:

As a wedding gift, the dragon tribe is willing to give 2 million gold bars to the wedding couple. 10000 meters of cotton of perfect quality. 6,000 rubies and, as a sign of a union between the two tribes, two combat armor made from the scales of a dragon.

Kaida and Mamushi nodded in agreement and sat down again. It was no problem for the tribe to spend as much as they were rich in what they presented as wedding gifts.

Kaida remembers how overwhelming it was to receive the wedding gifts at her wedding. Especially since it seemed as if the dragon tribe and the foxes tribe wanted to outdo each other in the number of wedding gifts.

Kenta also nodded and sat down again. Zuko looked around the square and said loudly

"time to party, let's celebrate that our second princess is also getting married. May the gods bless their marriage "

Everyone in the square raised their glass and shouted

"may the gods bless their marriage"


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