Can a dragon love a fox
153 Chapter 152
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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153 Chapter 152

Huli walked through the corridors of a large country house, followed by Ronin and Tatsu. The country house was located in a remote place. It was neither the south nor the north and neither the east nor the west.

With each step he walked further into the corridors, the temperature in the mansion dropped. The moment he reached the door at the end of the corridor, the entire part of the mansion behind him was frozen.

He opened the door and they entered. Four elderly people sat in a room at a round table. The first older person to look up was a man with a long beard and long gray hair. His age could be seen on his face. He had clear blue eyes and was wearing a gray fox fur cloack with a fox on it.

An older lady sat next to him, who looked good despite her age. She had long and thick red curls that was so long that it almost reached to the floor. With her bright red eyes she looked suspiciously at Huli. She was wearing a red cloak made of the scales from a dragons with a dragon on it.

Next to the older lady was a skinny older man with long green hair and green eyes. Despite his age, there was no wrinkle on his face. He was wearing a green snake skin cloak with a snake on it.

The last person who sat at the table was a small, elderly lady. She had black style hair that just reached her waist and had eyes as black as the night. She was wearing a black wolf fur coat with a wolf on it

Before the elders could say something, Huli let a strong wind storm pass through the room and said

"greetings to the elders I don't have time to talk much, I would like to know what happened to that woman of the dragon tribe"

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The elder of the foxes tribe began to mumble "I tell you, you and your wife are just as cheeky! Do you have no respect at all for your elders! "

He pointed a finger at Huli "and especially you! You have absolutely no respect for your great-grandfather! "

Huli rolled his eyes and made a small bow

"great grandfather"

The older of the foxes tribe became even more angry and stamped his feet. The elder of the wolves tribe raised her hand and said

"Haijme calm down you know that your great-grandson has the temperament of his mother, just like Kaida inherited it from her mother"

She turned to Huli "the woman died during labor"

The elder of the dragon tribe shook her head "what that poor woman has gone through because Kaidon had soiled her several times."

Huli looked closely at the elder "and the child?"

This time the elder from the snake tribe spoke "we were late, when we arrived the woman's body was cold and there was no trace of the child.

Huli turned and walked to the door and said in an ice-cold tone

"and you call yourself the elders? You couldn't even save her child for everything she had to endure. And believe me the consequences will be great. They have already made their move. they stole the childs dragon egg "

When the elders heard the words of Huli, they lowered their heads and dared not say anything. Because they themselves knew that they had failed to protect the woman well.


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